Why is product information important in reducing your return merchandise rate?

t is a known fact that the distributor ends up getting quite a bit of product returns(At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned).

The reasons are product damage, wrong pricing, wrong order to name a few.

From an e-commerce company owner or a product owner perspective, the reasons for damage and the price may not be relevant, but you can take steps in ensuring that your customers don’t order the wrong products.

Wrong orders happen because the visitors do not see adequate information about the product that they search. Since some customers may have a time pressure to purchase, they end up making some assumptions about the product and buys it in-spite of this lack of product information.

However, the customers figure out the lack of fitment, when the product reaches the warehouse. The customers return the products to the store. The store owner incurs the cost of shipment, inventory and a loss of faith with these customers.

How can you ensure adequate product information?

You have to locate the product information from multiple sources and provide the information in a structured manner. You should also give adequate technical specifications about the product for the customers to compare and to confirm the fitness of the product to the industrial use case requirement. You should cross map the products in multiple application areas which are the place where the bulk of oversight happens

How would you benefit?

  • Saving significant cost in handling returns
  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Better inventory management
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Lowering support costs

How to make your product findable?

You are selling 10s of 100s of products on your website. You have provided as much of information about the product as possible. You are spending a lot of money on Marketing and getting visitors coming to your website.

However, you don’t see sales improving and you also find out that the bounce rates on your website are very high.

What could be the reason?

Product Findability

You might have begun working on providing the adequate product data about your products in the recent past. However, there would be a lot of legacy data that will be in your database. This will mean that the products will never get found for the right searches your visitors will be doing. What can be the solution for this? Migration…

Migration is a process of cleansing the existing product data and make it searchable. The right information about the product is important because every product needs to be available for search. It goes without saying that Search is configurable to the keywords.

So you will have to provide the right data about the product. If you will do so, you will know what keywords have been used and still why sale has not happened. You will then be able to find out the fast moving and the obsolete products and you can take business decisions on what to do with those products.

To achieve this you have to narrow down the search and make the customer choice of products available to them within a few clicks. You will never think of caring about the dead stock or obsolete products if you can achieve this.

Both the new as well as the obsolete products that are on your website need to show up on the store for search. This will happen if you would give enough of the right words and provide additional product information.

If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it

Are you sure all your products are seen by your visitors?

Once you optimize all the products with the right keywords, then every product is ranked the same way. You will be able to run the analytics and find out which products were not showing up in the search. You can take decisions on whether to remove these products from the shelf, do rebate or push it back to the manufacturer.

In the absence of such scientific data, you will otherwise have to do this process manually. Your employees will be doing analysis checking the spreadsheets row by row. They will have to go check with the invoices on the total value of each product and will have to find if the product can be kept or to be removed.

The dependency of other departments to find out if the product has been sold or not is a bit long process and not a scientific one.

Analytics reports by providing the right data to the product help you not only in deciding on the existing products but also in identifying new products that will make you sell for all the search that happens on your website.


How does Content Marketing Strategy help company do to be unique in 2018?

All companies will want to be unique in their own way. But are they unique? Not so much. Almost all of them have similar methods to market their product, advertising strategies are the same. So, what can they do to be different? How can they reach their goal?

Here’s what they can do, they can make a content marketing strategy! It is not as difficult as it sounds.

Content Marketing Strategy!

In general, content marketing strategy is your “why?”

Why do you want to create content?

Whom do you want to address?

How exactly can you help others in such a way that no one else can?

Companies create content to attract more customers. Their final goal is to increase their revenue, gain more valuable and loyal customers, last but not the least – low cost management.

According to Kristina Halvorson, content strategy goes deep into the “creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”  At the core, it helps the business to manage all the content they have.

Should I really have a content marketing strategy?

Let’s just say that your content marketing strategy is the outline of your business. It is a plan in detail of how to use your data usefully. Now, not all strategies are similar, every business will have its own design.

But they all have the following 4 elements in common.

Deep Research

Research includes learning completely about your competitors, customer needs and their issues. Its important to write content regarding what your customers demand and not what you think your readers want. Instead of promoting your product or talking about how great your service is you can always choose to fill a void or even address a clear defined pain point.

Strong headline

Pulling your readers or pushing them away depends on how interesting and strong your headline is. The headline is supposed to be useful to the reader. It must be capable of including a sense of urgency to the reader. It should also convey the benefit in a unique way.

CTA (Call to action)

Do you think your CTA is effective enough to convince your audience to take an action immediately? The most effective CTA must guide your customer to decide the next step. It can be done using free product trial, entertaining video, or in-person consultation.

Visual content

Visual content can come in handy when you want to engage with the target audience. Using slides, infographics, videos and photos can communicate more than you think.


How Product Data Cleansing helps in Increasing your profits?

Want higher profits?

All you should do is to clean your product data because erratic data makes you lose your customers. Why do you think e-commerce sites are falling behind? The sole reason is nothing but confusing, outdated and inconsistent data. The ultimate goal of data cleansing or data scrubbing is not just to tidy up the database but, to merely help other people by structuring it properly and well organized for it to work for multiple users.

What else can Data Cleansing do?

  • Data supply to customers is fast-moving
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Removes duplicate data

Take these tips to clean your data without any trouble

Figure out the goals of your data

Your organizing and data cleansing will completely unravel if you don’t have a clear purpose for why you are examining the data in the first place. Ask yourself what you want the data to achieve and also create a list of the information that you may need to get.

Reduce the entry of bad data into your database

Bad data is inevitable, though we have advanced solutions. As you create your database, you will automatically get duplicates and other corrupt data. Yet, it is important to remove bad data, which means removing such duplicates and incomplete data. In case you are getting a lot of duplicates from a particular form then it means you’re making certain key mistakes that are making them give bad input.

Make sure you revisit

Revisiting existing leads is very important. Because your highly-engaged users are where you make most of your profit; but their information might be outdated. As they are investing in your website, it will be unfortunate to lose them. So always have an eye on their information to be sure that its updated.

Have a routine

The best way to keep your data up to date is by having a routine to clean your data. The more time you take to clean your data, the more work you’ll have in future. The only key to have a successful e-commerce business is to be fuelled by good data! To make sure that your product database is clean, Altius uses a well-experienced combination of human expertise and various techniques and software. Our experts can carry out an audit and expose every incorrect, duplicate, incomplete as well as poor quality of product data. This is in turn spiced up with the best SEO practices to enrich the content. Provision of error-free product data to your consumers is a guarantee.

Altius has Introduced Feedback Management Software for Amazon Sellers

Altius Technology Solution has been the pilot in the field of eCommerce Product Content Solutions for almost 2 decades. Understanding customer needs, applying creative and innovative methodologies have helped us win customer loyalty that has fueled our growth.

Realising that Amazon Marketplace is full of challenges, we decided to make a simple way out of the puzzle.

We have proudly developed an Amazon Feedback Tool called “Insight Mailer” for organically increasing your seller/product rating and ranking through targeted feedback requesting and promotional campaigns.

This Feedback Tool will make your work easy at a minimal cost and drastically increase your ranking sales.

What is Insight Mailer?

90% of Amazon buyers fail to review or give a feedback about their customer journey.

Every Amazon Merchant who is looking for buyer’s reviews/ratings will choose a Feedback Management tool.

Amazon Merchants are keen to boost their business in Amazon seller platform.

Insight Mailer is India’s First Feedback Management Software developed for Amazon sellers launched by Altius technology solution. Nowadays, customer feedback and review plays an important role. This Amazon Seller Tool is a narrow bridge between customers and sellers. Staying in touch with customers can be done by sending e-mails and promotions on a frequent basis. Moreover, Insight Mailer solicits feedbacks from your customers.

Insight Mailer works as a Best Amazon Seller Software to retrieve customer ratings/reviews, to send e-mails campaigns to customers and to offer promotions for various products.

Features about Insight Mailer

  • Automate your e-mail messaging and feedback requesting process.
  • Capture customer attention through targeted promotional campaigns.
  • Ensure right messages are delivered at the right time through targeted email campaigns.
  • Insight Mailer helps you understand the sentiments of your customers and target the right shoppers through its unique algorithm.

This Amazon Review Software can clearly help you in increasing your sales and improving the name of your business.
It ensures that all your customers are satisfied.

Are you looking for an Amazon Feedback Software?


The importance of E-commerce Product Description services in today’s world!

Being the best is great, it means you’re number one. But being UNIQUE is greater because you’re the ONLY one.

Providing vibrant, engaging product descriptions helps your product rank better than the rest. Which is exactly what we want. Customers like it if they have certain things meant just for them, in that case…if your product content isn’t unique, it will bring serious damage to your company.

Your first goal is to outrank the other websites selling similar products. That is the key! You want your company to be the first to pop-up when customers search for a product online, that way your company becomes popular and reliable which means more clicks.

Give an answer before they pose a question!

Your product content services must be complete. Make sure your data answer all their queries. Once they come to you, they shouldn’t have any second thoughts about going back, especially when 94% of people either abandon a site or just give up if they can’t find the information they need.

Neil Patel states “Even though you can’t make a customer buy, you can at least know how your site can meet the specific need that the customer has at any given point in the buying cycle”.

How can Altius Technology Solutions help?

  • Make your product descriptions stand out.
  • Easily import customers ratings and reviews to identify improvements to your enrichment processes.
  • Use localization to have different rich content in different languages for your international markets.
  • Define business rules that ensure products meet specific rich content standards before being released to your sales channels.

These are just a few basic things we offer. Want to know more? Get connected with us immediately.

Because Good content = Great results.


It’s time to buckle up Mr.SEO

TICK TOCK! The clock is ticking and your competitors are rising higher than you. Without a doubt, it’s extremely important to rank better on GOOGLE than the rest with Digital Marketing. Well, it’s not impossible, but let me tell you that it’s not a cake walk either. What are the major points to be noted to be NO.1 on GOOGLE?


  • Researching is tricky. Hence, SEO must always be attentive.
  • Keyword research – when you target on the wrong keywords, you can damage your campaign which leads to less traffic.

Identify your problems

After research work, it’s time to audit your site for problems that need to be fixed. Main things to focus are

Site errors that include

  • Redirecting any 404 pages to actual content
  • Changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects
  • Updating duplicate content pages, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions.

Website Speed

Speed matters as customers cannot wait for the page to load. In fact, research shows that 40% people abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure you don’t lose your valuable customers because your site is slow.

On-page Optimization

Page optimization plays a very important role to attract more customers to your site. When your web page is relevant to the topic, you will gain more visitors than usual. You can add links – Google pays more attention when you engage the site with relevant pages.

Optimise your images

User experience is great when you add images on your website. But, it doubles when you optimize your product with right images. Giving a unique title to the featured image along with an alt-text regarding the post. Optimising the alt tags gives another opportunity for Google to notice what your page is about. Again, its all about relevance. We should not have a picture of an Elephant with the alt tag “Lion” by mistake. Only the perfectly optimized page can bring in a lot of visitors. Is your webpage following these points? What are your end-results?

Beware of Competitors Strategy

Competitors are out there, whether you like it or not. They are as hungry as you are. In fact, they are just hurdles in your way towards success.

So, what can be done to get past these hurdles?

First and foremost – do you have enough e-commerce product content? Because increasing the number of customers for your company is entirely dependant on your product content.

A thorough study of our competitors is required. Why is it important to research competitors?

So that, we can be prepared to face them.

The research you gather about your competitors is called Competitive research. The most important step in a competitive research is to Categorize your competitors.

By doing so, you will understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and learn how to position your company.
Identify, understand and raise the benchmark so you won’t have to worry about them sneaking up behind you.

There are three divisions through which you can easily categorize your competitors

Primary competitors

They are your direct competitors. It means that these companies are selling similar products, or they might even be targeting the same audience.

Secondary competitors

These are companies which sell high-end or low-end versions of your product. Perhaps sell something totally different to a similar audience.
For instance, if you’re selling Rolex watches, a secondary competitor might be a Timex retailer.

Tertiary competitors

This includes businesses that are tangentially related to your company. It may come in handy when you want to expand your product catalog. They are mostly products related to your company.

For example, if you sell jewelry, your tertiary competitors may sell gems or precious stones.
As you conduct your research, make sure you update your work in a spreadsheet or a database.

Respect your Competition

Research work is necessary…on the other hand, respecting your Competition is equally important. Read what Mr.Ken Sadowsky, the Co-Owner of Ribbon Warehouse had to say about the same.

While growing up, my father who also was a small business owner, had a wall plaque in his office that essentially echoed the sentiments of the importance of embracing, appreciating and understanding your competition.

This personally stuck with me and is something I have continually practiced in the 14 years we have operated as an ecommerce company. – Ken Sadowsky, Co-Owner, Ribbon Warehouse (Courtesy: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/how-perform-competitive-analysis/)

Note: Always remember, your B2B product content services matter a lot. Present all the details in an organized manner – Quality speaks.

Voilà! you have everything you need. Now, all you must do is follow these steps and push your company towards SUCCESS!


How Can Social Media Help in E-Commerce Sales & Marketing?

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Saibsbury

Social media has become an integral part of most e-commerce businesses. This is because social media can help in understanding customer needs and building brand identity. This can in turn help to drive traffic towards your e-commerce website. Moreover, social media has become a widely accepted platform for people to leave reviews about their e-commerce purchase.

Here are some ways your e-commerce business can take advantage of social media.

Optimize social media posts

Write content that is appealing and relevant to the audience. Incorporate multimedia such as photos or videos so that the content is more engaging. Make the content shareable so that it enhances your search engine rankings considerably.

Engage customers with periodic interaction

Social media serves as an effective medium to gain new customers and also address grievances of existing customers. It can also act as a platform to respond to customer queries regarding a product.

You can also make interactions interesting by asking setting up polls or conducting surveys for your followers. These will guide you in understanding them better.

Use paid advertising options

Using social media ads, you can do customer research to understand their requirements. This can help to target customers based on various parameters such as their demographics, age, location and interests.
You can also run unique promotions or offer discounts through flash sales exclusively on your social media page. This is likely to make your existing customers come back to you more often and stay connected to your social media account.

Integrate social media with website

Use plugins to integrate various social media sharing buttons for each product on your website. It will help customers visiting your website share a product that they interesting on their social media page. The more number of social media sharing options you offer, your new customers count is also likely to increase.

Make use of hash tags

Hash tags are a great way to get your content reach a broad spectrum. These tags also not only get your content organized but also promote interaction with your customers.

However, for best results, do not use too many hashtags with your content. It is advisable to opt for just a couple of them for a single post.

Use blogs to keep customers informed

Have a dedicated blog section on your e-commerce website and make sure to keep it active. You can use your blog to keep customers updated about a new product launch or tips about using an existing product. The blog can also help you to make any company announcements that you have to make for your customers.

An interesting blog can pave way for a lot of discussions through social media either as separate posts or discussions through a single post.

To conclude, more than 80% consumers rely on social media to take informed buying decisions. Thus, social media can help you get builder closer relationships with your customers by engaging in conversations with them or through reviews.