SEO trends that will carry into the new year

SEO has seen a considerable change in these few years. Mobiles has been used widely for online searches. SEO isn’t just about keywords but to make the content on your website more attractive and relevant. This changes will help you to prepare and update your site and to target the market share maximum. In the last five years SEO strategies have changed with the introduction of new technologies. Like voice assistants, artificial intelligence and the rise of mobile experience. Google and other search engines have played an important role in digital marketing.

1. Voice Search Optimization :

Voice operating assistants like Alexa, Siri or google voice console are going to be the buzz in the new year. As soon as the device has input, it will detect the language in which the query has been asked. The key words in the query will be captured and the query will be answered accordingly. Voice search engines are faster easier and time saver.

2. Visual Searches :

People use visual search mostly to get directions and identifying landmarks, shop recipes local business reviews. People are searching more with images than ever before. Platforms like Pinterest get 600 million visual searches monthly. If you want your sites content to be served to your visitor as a visual search result, ensure you use image SEO.

3. Online Video :

Nearly 86% of global business use video on their site today. make sure that video should be a part of your SEO strategy. when doing online video, make sure that you organize your content into sections, that help google and search engines understand the video content. Also add a key word in the title and using tags helps the search engine know what the video is about.

4. Growth of AI [Artificial Intelligence]:

AI is reshaping SEO, they identify data patterns to collect accurately real time information and evaluate the quality of your content. Search engines are relying more on AI for search query. Align your content for voice and visual search, to get the right data from your site. Also use AI powered analytics to find out your site’s performance and optimize it for better results.

5. Off page SEO :

Off page SEO also helps to boost your online ranking away from your site. Google review is one of the most powerful tool for your online store. The number and quality of reviews act as leading conversion factor. Make sure you encourage the customers to leave reviews, which will add a positive feedback for your business.

6. Long tail keywords :

Keyword research becomes the bread and butter of maintaining SEO. Long tail keywords are the best friends of eCommerce stores. Long tail keywords make up the majority of user searches, that is how people search online. Every short tail keyword has endless long tail words that could all benefit from different pages. It is all about knowing your niche. Long tail keywords has two benefits, one you will face lower competition and have a higher conversion rate than short tail keywords.

7. Mobile first :

More than 50% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. Google also has shifted it’s algorithm towards mobile users. The websites that perform best on the mobile, will be ranked accordingly. Websites which does not adjust as per device, will have low readability and slow page loading speeds. To optimize your site, google provides you with this tool. To check, if your website accommodates mobile users.

8. Local SEO :

The demand for local search is huge. More than 5 million apps and websites use google maps platform every week. That’s why google continuously releases new features for business to use such as posts, services, hours, address., etc., due to covid-19 people are searching out local options around them, both due to lockdown and to support local business, which is facing a difficult time to stay in business. People search to see if business are still open their working hours have changed, checking out menu’s [restaurant services] take away timings. Google my business is a high visibility way to communicate, these updates to a customer, new or existing.

9 . Quality Content :

This is the kind of approach that you can take on your website. It is time to consider the information that people are looking for and need first. As the importance on quality content is growing, it is time to boost your content marketing strategy. Eat [expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness], matter a lot for eCommerce store.


SEO is moving quickly. These trends and challenges can help you optimize your site for better organic traffic to your site.

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