Best festive SEO tips to boost traffic to your eCommerce shop

For both traditional business and eCommerce business, festive season is the best season to increase sales. For eCommerce business it is not easy to retain customers, as well as to reach more number of customers. So always keep focus on the modern marketing trends to prepare store for the up coming holiday season. It’s the perfect time to boost traffic to your eCommerce shop.

Best festive SEO tips to boost traffic…

# 1. Using attractive stickers :

During festive season change the look of your e-commerce store, through an attractive banner . Finding it attractive, customers come back to store again and again. Highlight the discount on your sticker, making it more attractive..

# 2. Use of social media :

Social media is the most influential tool for any type of business, whether it is online or offline. Social media helps you to inform your customer about your holiday season discounts and sales. To increase the number of customers to your store, you can use paid advertising campaign..

# 3. Mobile customers :

Now a days customers find it handy and easy to search through mobiles. The number of mobile searchers is increasing day by day. So make your website mobile friendly or you may lose many customers. Mobile friendly websites has more number of searchers, who finally end as customer.

# 4. Email marketing :

When it comes to increasing sales, eCommerce business also follow email marketing along with social media. Through email marketing, you can engage with your customers and bring them to your site. Make sure that your email format contains the content, which is helpful to your customer, to know about the product and holiday discount.

# 5. Creating promotional ads :

During holiday sales season, there is neck to neck competition between stores. Promotional ads play an important role in attracting higher traffic. Higher the traffic, higher will be your sales and returns. These promotional ads highlights the discount your store is offering, like free shipping ads which helps in increasing your sales.

#6. Offering free shipping :

One survey says that the percentage of sales increased by 49% after offering free shipping service to the customers. Most of the shoppers are always looking for free shipping to save money. That’s why many stores are offering free shipping. This has been regarded as one of the most powerful marketing strategies to increase sales during holiday  seasons. If you don’t want to offer free shipping to customers, then you can create conditional shipping rule., by which consumer can enjoy free shipping if their order value exceeds to certain amount.

#7. Offering gift cards or coupons :

Gift card is another most successful marketing strategy for eCommerce online stores. Offering coupons, gift cards, to customers, which they can make use of it during their next purchase. This strategy helps you to retain the customer with your store and also boost your sales revenue.

#8. Appreciation of customers :

If you appreciate your customer for their purchase from your store . This will make your customer feel unique and valued. Pay attention to the inquiries of customers. By this gesture they may try to get more customers to your site and add to your customers review .

#9. Optimize the performance :

When you are dealing with eCommerce store, customers rush online can also slow down your store. So it is essential to optimize your store performance, so customers can have hassle free shopping.

# 10. Hassle free communication :

Before purchasing, customer has many questions. If their queries are not answered on time, they may leave the site, and this can be a loss to your store. Make sure that you are responding to your customer quickly. For a hassle free communication, you can offer live chat support on your website. This will reduce the time consumption between you and your customer queries. Satisfied with the answers customer will end with a purchase.


These are the essential tips to increase traffic to your store during festive season. It is not just about the holiday shopping season, anytime is a good time to give creative ways that  will help you in boosting sales throughout the year. A solid SEO foundation will help you to keep ahead of your competitors.  

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