How to Write Epic Product Descriptions That Sell?

A detailed and well-written product description has the power to transport your customer through the sales funnel.

For B2B products, focussing on detailed tech specs and product benefits, can help customers make an informed decision.

This will also help you gain an edge over competition.

Here are a few trade secrets that you can use to keep your customers hooked to your website.

Eye for detail

While a photo of the product is important, the tech specs provides information to the customers on whether the product is the right fit for their need or not.

Giving complete information about the product persuades customers to browse through and engage in the lookout for more products in your website.

Know your customer

When you know your customer, you can predict the kind of questions he is going to come up with when he is in the look out for a specific product.

Answer these questions in your product descriptor. Answering frequently asked questions will bring down loss of potential customers to a great extent.

Should you write product description?

Firstly, ask yourself, are you well educated about the technical specification of your products?

Or are you good at selling the right product to solve your customer’s problem.

I expect your answer to be the latter.

When you are selling a B2B product, it is best advised you get the help of experts in the field. These experts have databases of products with their tech specs, that run into the minutest details.

Altius Technologies has been providing product content services to B2B distributors for more than 10years now.

Their expertise and experience in industrial tools – manufacturing, electronics, engineering, plumbing, janitorial etc., has now helped them develop an industrial tool database with more than 3Million SKU’s. They also provide a subscription model for the same.

Why go to experts for product description?

  1. Having optimized product descriptions can help you improve your SEO rankings. Using certain keywords can help you improve your chances of ranking in Google.
  2. Product description should be standardized across the website. Getting one expert to do the whole taxonomy, normalization, gap fill, enrichment, cleansing and catalog management of your product content can help you have a standardized website. A product description template must be followed across the website for optimal customer experience.
  3. Go that extra mile. Beyond giving just technical specifications for your product, go that extra mile and provide description on the uses of the product. If it is compatible to other products, make sure to mention them. Giving more than the usual information as part of the product description, will help your website rank high in your customer’s consideration chart.


Mastering in product description requires patience, creativity and bankable data.

When you have a long list of products in your website that needs product descriptors, the wise thing to do is hire an expert.

To narrow down on the expert, look at their previous work and who they have worked with in the past. This will help you determine their quality of writing.

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