Why outsource your e-commerce catalog management?

As an e-commerce retailer, you would very well understand how important it is to have a detailed product description and tech specs for all your products. Considering the plethora of products, you are dealing with, keeping up with updated information is a challenge.

The information is becoming redundant and managing this data becomes a time-consuming and costly affair.

Below are the challenges that you face when it comes to managing your e-commerce product catalog.

Constant Product Updation

With new products coming up every day and old products being refurbished, it is necessary you have updated product content for all your products at any given time.

You may end up setting up a team just to handle this everyday chaos. Instead, invest in an outsourced team that could be on a constant lookout for product updation.

By doing so you can concentrate on expanding your venture and focussing on marketing, operations, branding and customer relations.

Providing an Omnichannel Experience

Every seller would agree that if you are selling your products at multiple market places, the biggest challenge is listing the products simultaneously.

The main challenge is that every site has its own specification that it requires you to adhere to.

When you try to fit your product information as per the required marketplace’s framework, you are bound to miss out on some critical information about the product.

This will in-turn hurt your reputation and hurt the customer’s decision-making process.

Most sellers do not understand that there might be an easier way to display all the product information consistently across all marketplaces, thus making sure all the required information is intact.

Expert agencies focus on creating such detailed information that sellers can use.

Hiring these experts could help you in your marketplace listings.

The Right Supplier Data

If you are a re-seller, you should know how important it is to get the right supplier data.

More importantly, publish the supplier’s data. Most suppliers hand over products to re-sellers with bare minimum information about the product.

There are sometimes even spelling errors in this information shared

This nuisance needs to be fixed by the re-seller. He knows that by showcasing minimum or errored information will take a toll on his sales and company’s brand value.

Finding a way to dodge this bullet could be helpful in the long run.

Maintaining Data Quality

It is difficult to maintain data quality when you are dealing with millions of products, across multiple channels and working with supplier data.

Your product information can have wrong spellings, wrong information, wrong descriptions or even attributes.

Managing all this information on Excel can be an overwhelming experience.

You need to understand that Excel was not built for catalog management. You need to look out for robust content management tools to manage this amount of data.

You will also end up employing a team to handle this amount of information. Their sole purpose of work would be only constant updation with the right information.

This might not prove beneficial in the long run.

You will be wasting your time and money on something that can be outsourced, thus saving both time and money.

Choosing experts to deal with this amount of information could prove beneficial to you.

Centralize your Information- PIM

If there is one thing that you have learned in all this Gyan, is that centralizing your information holds the key to proper catalog management.

Choosing the right PIM according to the kind of data you currently have and the option of scalability every PIM could offer should be kept in mind before investing in a PIM solution.

The painful process of searching products for updating their related information across multiple channels, could be easily avoided using the right PIM.

The right PIM would have you update only at one point and share that information across multiple internal and external channels.

Do you see yourself facing all the above-mentioned problems day to day?

Are you looking for advice on selecting the right PIM?

We can help you.

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