Altius Technologies- Corona hits the RE-SET Button

Corona hits the RE-SET Button

It is just astounding how a simple microorganism, invisible to the naked eye, has changed our lives in a matter of days and weeks, reminding us that after all we are just another living being on this planet earth who have forgotten to coexist with other living creatures.

It is time to Re-Set

We are appreciating old values and simpler things in life by forcing everyone to slow down. The chaotic activities are replaced by calmer times of just being at home with offices and schools being closed. Parents cherish being able to spend quality time with their little ones and elderly ones at home. 

Pets are enjoying getting stroked. Spouses are actually talking to each other. Kids are getting to experience resilience, learning that a person can overcome any challenge if he makes up his mind. This virus has certainly made our world’s small making people reconnect in a more intimate, thoughtful manner

 As humans retreat, nature returns

Dolphins have returned to Italy’s coast, thanks to a near shutdown of cruise- and cargo-ship traffic around Italy’s canal city of Venice. Swans are seen around canals in Italy which were widely populated with gondolas and tourists for the first time in decades. 

In Singapore, otters are roaming freely thanks to the empty public spaces. It shows us that we do not own this planet and if we don’t learn to co-exist nature will find extreme ways to reclaim its space.

Environment wins big time

With Organizations, Education institutions and entertainment centers shut down, lesser traffic and lesser industrial activity have resulted in air pollution levels coming down.  Water bodies have become cleaner because people are keeping away from beaches and tourist spots. In Italy water clarity has drastically improved as boats are docked as part of the quarantine measures. Nitrogen Dioxide Levels which have been linked to heart and lung disease have dropped by 40% during lockdown in China.

Even though this is not how we would have wanted to reach these goals, they are short term improvements at best which is a step forward towards environmental awareness that we humans have totally taken for granted.


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