10 New Things In Digital In December 2020 Digital Marketing Updates..

Digital marketing is going to be more digitally advanced, in the coming years. Create customized solutions for your business by innovatively combining the worlds of marketing and technology.

      There are few trends and innovations that are actually more interesting and that will surely affect your digital marketing strategy.

# 1. Artificial Intelligence:

[AI] Artificial intelligence is transforming digital strategies. As it has the ability to improve digital marketing strategies and provide valuable customer insight for companies. For instance brands like Amazon and Spotify are using AI system successfully. AI can analyze consumer search patterns and behavior. It uses data from social media platforms and help business understand how customers find any product or services. So we can say that AI will be the driving force behind digital marketing.

# 2. Voice Search:

Currently voice search is the main tool  of online marketing. If your business is not optimized for voice searches, subsequently you cannot reach your audience and achieve your marketing targets. Now voice search is one of the prominent trends developing day to day. The reason behind it is – users love the convenience of searching by saying the search terms rather than typing them. Voice search is going to be a “boon” for industries like restaurants, retails and hospitality.

# 3. Chat Bots:

A chat bot is a computer software that automates conversation with the user. In the coming years chat bots are going to be an important asset in the digital marketing. AI based chat bots use the instant messaging feature to chat with the customer. Likewise customers also like to interact with a chat bot as they are 24/7 available. They also recall your entire purchase history.

# 4. Augmented Reality:

[AR] AR for marketing is now holding the grip in this digital era, where you can become a brand name by following the latest trends of promotion strategies.

     Specifically the main objective of AR in marketing, is to achieve increased brand awareness and  greater customer engagement. For example IKEA Lenskart is using AR as their marketing strategy. Lenskart allows you to take your photo from your phone and test different types of frames by virtually placing it on your photo. You can move around and check which suits you better.

# 5. Social Messaging App:

Recently as per the survey 10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Face book. 55 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp. Since people are spending more time on these apps, it makes a sense to market your product through these medium, where your customers are hanging out most of the time. These apps helps you to be in direct contact with customer. Deliver information directly to the targeted customers and boost sales.

# 6. Personalized Emails:

Likewise, billions still use email for personal, commercial, industrial and academic purposes. So Emails have still retained its importance. Now emails are getting boost due to automation and personalized touch. Personalized email is a valuable communication tool that helps in converting window shoppers into life long customers.

# 7. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is an essential component of digital marketing. Google is developing a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of online content. So marketers must think carefully about how they can tailor content. Google is giving importance to – in depth, accurate current content that gives a high user experience and matches with the product on the site. Digital marketers should keep these things while creating new content.

# 8. Paid Media Advertising:

Through paid media advertising, marketers can opt for alternate platforms other than Face book and Google. if your users are spending time interacting with short videos and stories, sites like Tiktok and Snapchat could be worth investing in. For instance  Reddit Quora and Medium all have tailored areas where conversations are actively happening.

However allocate a small portion to your paid advertising budget to explore and test alternative sources that could help meet you, where your buyers spend time.                  

# 9. Webinars :

Recently webinars have gained much importance in the digital world. Webinars with live web conferencing through audio or video events are able to conduct from remote locations. Through webinars you can engage with your customers from anywhere anytime. They are cost effective too. Most businesses and organizations have successfully adopted webinars with high conversion rates.

# 10. Website Security:

Finally but not lastly about 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day. This numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. So the importance of website security is increasing rapidly. Website security and safety is important as it holds all your data within.

Need For Website Security:

  • Hacked websites target your customers.
  • Loss of business reputation, sales and revenue.
  • Website gets black listed on search engine.
  • Hackers use your website to redirect visitors to other malicious sites.

Website security is important, because of a hacked website , a customer loses trust leading to a loss of business reputation and loss of revenue ,which means an end of business.


Finding creative solutions with new digital trends  will allow you to connect with your customers. The world of digital sales and marketing moves with a great speed. The companies that innovate and embrace new digital technologies will gain an edge over competitors and new customers.

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