How to Promote Your Business Using Hashtags?

Hashtags are gaining popularity in today’s life cannot be ignored. They can help businesses of all sizes get noticed and in increasing their online presence across social platforms.

These tags also enhance engagement with new users. Originally used on Twitter alone, today hashtags are becoming increasingly popular on almost all social media platforms.

Filter and discover related content

Hashtags help customers categorize content and identify the relevant content among many social media posts. This can get them closer to your business posts instead of having to scroll to find them.

It also increases the possibility of new followers becoming new customers and eventually frequent buyers.

Represent business related keywords

When you use the right keywords as hashtags, your posts will get displayed on search engines.

This way, you will also get noticed by people who are not active on social media and may help you win new customers.

Use business related keywords to get the type of engagement that you wish to have for your business.

Highlight brand names

This method helps you to get your private label products recognized among their competitors. Mention the brand using a hashtag when you add a new post on your social media page to promote your brand products.

Try keep the brand name short and simple to increase its awareness through a social media platform. This makes it easy for viewers to read the name and remember the same.

A good example of this is the hashtag #KitKat that is used by the leading food and beverage company for one of its chocolate brands.

Organize contests and/or events

Host online contests to gain people’s attention using hashtags.

Ask participants to add a tag line to a photo pertaining to the contest and use a hashtag with the term you have specified.

For instance, if you specialize in barbecue equipment, you can ask participants to post a picture of themselves with an equipment they bought from you. Also, tell them to include the name of the cooking equipment and dish using hashtags.

This could be something like #MyBBQChicken#PrestigeBBQGrill along with the photo.

Record your hashtags

Keep a note of all the hashtags that you use along with your posts. This will help you to understand which hashtags give you the desired results.

You can then focus more on using those hashtags and creating similar hashtags if needed.

Capitalize each word

Capitalize the beginning of each word When you form a hashtag phrase by combining more than one word. This makes the hashtag easy to interpret and read.

For example, you can use the hashtag #HairGrowth to market your hair care products. This is more easily understandable than #Hairgrowth or #hairgrowth.

Hashtags can help you participate in conversations that help in contributing to the growth of your business.

They are also a great way of understanding what others have to say about the same.

Using more than two hashtags per post can tend to make it less engaging. You can use the keyword or content hashtags, brand hashtags, location hashtags and event or competition hashtags. Sometimes, a choice of two different types of hashtags can prove to be beneficial.

#fashion#happy#selfie and #repost are some popular hashtags today on Instagram and other social media.

There are a few software tools that can help you to find the top rated hashtags on social media platforms. and RiteTag are two examples of such tools.

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