Safe Way To Prepare And Optimize Your Website For Holiday…

You may not think your site has anything worth being hacked for, but websites are compromised. The majority of website security breaches are ought to steal your data or mess with your website, instead to use your server as an email relay for spam or to serve files of an illegal nature.

     During holiday season, you don’t have much time to make major changes such as changing content, working on site structure, doing an seo audit. These can be done during off season. However there are certain things you can do ,to increase your traffic and sales , protecting you website and your ranking with the seo.

      Broadly there are 4 types of task which you can carry out without losing your traffic and security.

  1. Identifying and fixing errors 
  2. Improving email deliveries 
  3. Recovering lost traffic and links
  4. Protecting your website and domain name.

# 1. Identifying And Fixing Errors:

Usually errors in website occur because of an insecure internet connection or an outdated webpage or a damaged link. To fix this type of issue , you need to verify the settings and run a simple maintenance task. By doing this you can increase the system security and the speed of transferring  data. Various types of errors are encountered by your website such as 404 errors, redirecting, duplicate content and grammatical errors. Each error points out different website issue. Website crawler helps in fixing errors. Different types of crawlers available are On crawl, Deep crawl, Site liner, site bulb, just to name a few. If you run into any errors, then with the above mentioned tools you can fix them , this will only qualify your site.

# 2. Improving Email Deliveries:

Email delivery is important. It is found that there are email scammers and spammers ,who are looking out for email addresses from a quality domain website. If email addresses are not protected well , you may  lose  your customers. Setting up of  DMARC  tools helps in protecting from these issues.

  • Sending emails continuously once a week to the subscribers will help in removing the poor subscribers 
  • There are settings like DNS [domain name system] settings. These settings have records of internet traffic. This will help you in finding poor subscribers.
  • It also have some domain names which are blocked, as they have a history of sending spam.
  • Also check if your domain name is on email blacklist. If so ,you can remove your domain name from black list by using services  such as DN, spam has DBL blacklist removal. 
  • These tools helps you to know why your domain name is on black list? They have specific instructions, on how to submit to get your domain name removed from the blacklist.

# 3. Recovering Lost Traffic And Links:

To optimize your website for the holidays safely, is to recover your lost traffic. Find old pages from the past and revive them. Bad links on your website will reduce your ranking.

  • Old pages such as black Friday pages ,cyber Monday pages  from previous year, most likely aren’t live pages on your website you are not linking to them or not promoting them ,so your website shows error. Tools like Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz helps in reviving and fixing these issues.
  • Find 404 error pages, put the content back on those pages or redirect them to the existing pages.
  • Identify the orphaned pages that are still ranking and link them to new website.
  • Find pages on your website that are already ranking in the search engine result. Link these pages to your current web page .For whatever reason  the page is still indexed and it has traffic, this will help the current web page.
  • Crawlers such as On crawl  and site bulb will help you to find orphaned pages.

# 4. Protecting Your Website And Domain Name:

Your website generates revenue for your business. Your domain name is the most valuable asset of your business. There are a number of common mistakes, that can result in the loss of your domain name. With a loss in your domain name, there will be no traffic and you will lose sales and income.

  • Back up your website. You should back up your website at least once a day. Manual and automatic ways are available for back up facilities.
  • Have latest updates for plugins and themes.
  • Scan your website for security issues and malware. If any malware encountered then your search engine listing and web browser may block visitors. For this you have to clean up the web. Google search console helps in fixing security issues if any.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your domain name. Protect  your website account with your domain registrar with a strong password. You must be cautious when responding to mails and emails from parties.

Pull up:

All these tips are generally safe and make your website more secure. If you don’t fix the issues, then you may lose the traffic and also your SEO ranking may fall.

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