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Impact of Automation on Indian eCommerce Market

Indian customers have high demands from online shopping. They look out for a better shopping experience each time and demand high quality products. In addition, online competition is ever-increasing.

In order to deal with all of this and perform well in a competitive environment, businesses are taking help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation.

eCommerce is working hard to live up to customer expectations and adapting to the latest technologies.

eCommerce businesses are using AI to drive more revenue and improve productivity. Thanks to Alexa, and Google Home devices, AI is an intelligent member of our homes these days.

In this blog, we will look at how automation has impacted the Indian eCommerce market.

  • Improved Customer Service As mentioned earlier, customers demand for more with every online shopping experience. eCommerce giants are now experimenting with machine learning (ML) capabilities like product catalogs, product size recommendations, customer payment security, and more. This has led to 85% of positive increase in customer service eventually leading to increased sales.
  • Improved User Experience Generally while shopping online, we come across a section “frequently bought products”. This section enables the customers to find their desired products in no time. This enhances user experience eventually leading to increased sales. Similarly, some eCommerce sites like Trivago helps users to compare the costs of various hotel rooms along with the facilities offered and make their booking accordingly.
  • Faster Product Search While you search products on a website for shopping, AI plays a major role as it allows you to search for your products with the help of images. Today even smartphones possess the capability we know as Google Lens. All you have to do is point your camera to a specific product you wish to purchase, and you will be shown the related products along with the details.
  • Inventory Management Online shopping websites have thousands of product categories and countless products. This makes inventory management a bit of a challenge for the eCommerce businesses. AI allows the businesses to track the purchase orders, organize and manage the inventory in the warehouse, and ensure that high demand products are never out of stock.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Although online shopping is gaining popularity, users are still apprehensive about the security of their data. AI enhances security levels by identifying any possible fraudulent activities. They also analyze user activity with the website to figure out any unwanted activities and report any abnormalities.

AI and Automation is used conveniently to enhance customer experience, which increases sales and generates revenue.

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