Why is it important for you to outsource your PIM requirement?

With the advent of multiple brands and variants for a single product in both B2B and B2C, it is difficult to manage price lists, promotions and other complexities simultaneously across various countries and platforms.

The sheer volume of data necessitates the implementation of Product Information Management– PIM(PIM requirment).

The PIM system allows creation of a single source of accurate and enriched product information that can be consumed confidentially by internal and external sources within the company.

It improves the availability of information within sales teams, ecommerce channels, procurement teams inventory management, distributors, retailers and the end customers.

Benefits of PIM

  1. Centralized data with single view of content.
  2. Ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  3. Availability of updated content across various channels.
  4. Integration of data from multiple source, formats and communication channels.
  5. Easy expansion of product catalog.
  6. Quick export of product info for various markets and sales channels/platforms.
  7. Easy management of content, media and digital assets.
  8. Boosts team productivity.

There are many PIM solutions available in the market.

Choosing the right PIM for your business is crucial. Not every business requirement is alike. Though the features maybe similar across all PIM solutions, not all of them can be high on your expectation level.

Hiring a consultant who is well-versed in this area might be a wise thing to do.

Outsourcing is a means of reducing operational costs. It also means, that you would be choosing to go to an expert in the field instead of hiring a team for a seasonal time period.

Altius Technologies helps clients in choosing the right PIM for their businesses. An expert in ecommerce product data entry services (product content enrichment), Altius understands the need to be updated at all touch points.

Having partnered with InRiver and Agility Multichannel, Altius consults and implements PIM systems to various clients depending on the volume and scalability of data needed.

In conclusion, as your business grows, data is expected to grow. Keeping in mind the growth potential of your business and concentrating on your own expertise will help you guide your instincts towards choosing an expert solution provider to handle your product data and PIM solutions.


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