Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Different Industries

The number of domains deploying artificial intelligence using various technologies is increasing day by day.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence based systems are widely deployed in the healthcare sector to help in faster and better diagnoses than human beings. Systems have been developed to analyze a patient’s reports and help in suggesting the correct and customized treatment path.

Manufacturers like Apple and FitBit AI have also incorporated AI in their fitness and health trackers to monitor users’ activity and heart rate levels.

AI in Business

Businesses make use of robotic process automation systems to perform repetitive tasks. Similarly, CRM platforms utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze how to serve customers.

Many e-commerce websites use virtual assistants in the form of chatbots. These chatbots act as online customer service representatives and interact with users. They respond to their queries and help them with what they want.

AI in Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa incorporate speech recognition systems that allow users to find solutions to their queries using voice based commands. Such systems recognize spoken sounds as words and convert them into text. This saves a lot of time spent on typing what you want to know.

AI in Gaming

Video games rely heavily on neural networks and deep learning to create a realistic and human like experience. They also help game avatars to move around in various ways. On the other hand, deep learning contributes to creating lively gaming content.

Artificial Intelligence also plays an important role in developing strategic games like tic-tac-toe and chess. These games make use of heuristic knowledge to offer many moves and combinations.

AI in Finance

AI techniques help financial institutions to perform various tasks like to identify fraudulent transactions, analyze and manage risks, detect money laundering and predict credit score.

Banks offer voice assisted banking using natural language processing to connect users to the various services available and resolve their queries. Chatbots facilitate two-way communication round the clock and save customers the hassle of waiting in long queues for their turn.

AI in Transportation

Automobile giants like Tesla have begun including fuzzy logic systems in their vehicles. These systems offer various driver assist features like parking, reversing and even turning. They can also help the driver determine the wait time at a signal and save fuel by turning the ignition ON or OFF appropriately.

Big players in the automobile industry have started considering the feasibility of autonomous or self-driven cars. These cars will be capable of judging their environments by themselves and moving accordingly with no or minimum human input.

Artificial Intelligence has actually made its way into almost all domains to make the life of humans easier with better and faster performance.

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