How distributors can differentiate themselves by building their B2B online store?

It is always seen that distributors significant amount of money for an online store and fail to get ROI from them. With many online web store builders, many distributors run out of luck when they fail to get quick and easy returns.

Research shows, that most frequently ignored part of the website is the front page. Though the website would be heavy with all products and their specs, but when it comes to the face value of the website, the company fails to make an impression.

You can differentiate your company online by featuring a picture of your headquarters. Create an impression when the customer comes to your website. Look at selling your products in your B2B online store like how you would sell at your retail outlet. Today many consumers are looking for a B2C experience out of a B2B online store. Make sure you give them, and they will choose you every time.

Altius Technologies has created a unique web tool that enables better product presentation by covering maximum product information. It delivers just-in-time product suggestions and prompts in the available web browser area. This single page quick ordering tool gives B2B customers a B2C look and feel to the website.

For more information on this, click on the link below and fill up the form for a Demo.

Having a good home page, ‘about us’ page, blog and resource center is very important. Having an online store with a pleasing product page design, product catalog template that runs across all products in the online store, detailed product descriptions, how-to videos, case studies and technical brochures will surely increase your credibility.

It is important that you translate the experience and expertise you have in the products you sell in your B2B online store, onto the digital platform. Your website should reflect the kind of relationship you want to build with your potential customers. If technical know-how is an integral part of the purchase decision, make sure your website has all enough information. Including blogs, vlogs, picture, case studies all prove that you are an expert in the field. Demonstrating expertise takes you a long way. When you do a digital marketing campaign, make sure you include case studies and research papers that talk about your expertise in the related technical field.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is very important in any kind of business. Differentiating yourself online, is a tough job.

Remember, fresh, original and expert content gets your website noticed by Google. This will help you get noticed and remembered by your customers


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