The Importance Of Digital Marketing Approaching The Holiday Shopping

For both traditional and e-commerce business, festive season is the best season to increase sales. To retain your customers and to attract the new customers specifically f keep focus on new marketing trends. Prepare your store for the upcoming holiday season. It’s the perfect time to boost traffic to your e-commerce store.

         Give some thoughts to the areas where your business can see an improvement this holiday season and direct your digital marketing campaigns towards raising that weak spot in your business.

         Analyze your last year’s holiday marketing strategies. What worked? What didn’t work? This will help you to define strategies that you should follow this season and which strategies should be put aside this year.

# 1. Upgrading Your Website:

Your website is the most important component of your digital marketing plan. Good looking websites get more people to your website.

  • Firstly all websites need to be visually appealing.
  • From time to time upgrade your website. If a browser sees something extraordinary on your site they are more likely to visit your site and show interest on the product / services displayed.
  • Likewise Icons can be used to communicate ideas in a simple way. These icons should support well with your product and content on the page.
  • If your website is easily navigable by the visitors, it will enhance users experience.
  • Make your website mobile friendly and secure.

# 2. Social media:

Currently social media is the most influential tool for digital marketing. Many social media sites are becoming more and more visual. For instance platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook are becoming popular because of posting photos and images. Simultaneously you can also explore paid social media advertising, to promote your holiday sales. Social media, helps in promoting your holiday offers and driving traffic to your website.

# 3. Email:

When it comes to increasing sales, e-commerce business also follow email marketing along with social media. Through email marketing you can engage with your customers and bring them to your site. Make sure that your email format contains the content, which is helpful to your customer to know about the product and holiday season discount your store is offering. You can also send a happy holiday’s email to your customers and thank them for their business.

# 4. Retargeting The Audience:

When you are browsing a website to purchase something, but decide not to, then you see an advertisement 30 minutes later on another website. This is called remarketing advertising campaign. It allows you to target specific audience that have previously viewed a specific product. This remarketing acts as a second effort to make a conversion. During holiday season, customers are viewing so many products online, a little reminder can make the visitor into a customer.

# 5. Keep Using Videos:

Video marketing is a major area of growth. When it comes to your holiday marketing, create video advertisement of your product/services, about your content about your social media networks. Go live on social media to make customers know what the product is? And all about your holiday offers.

# 6. Keep The Google AD Running:

Google ad is one of the most impressive success stories in tech history. It is one of the most cost effective advertising methods for all sizes of e-stores. Make sure that you use Google ad’s to target specific customers to visit the landing page which will satisfy their queries. Once Google ad starts running, you have to make adjustments, small variations on ad copy, keywords, landing pages and any thing which may bring small improvement in your ROI.


However pay attention to where your customers are spending time online, go there to provide them with valuable holiday content. Use these digital marketing approach this holiday season and make a positive impact.  Wishing you a happy new year.

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