Best festive SEO tips to boost traffic to your eCommerce shop

For both traditional business and eCommerce business, festive season is the best season to increase sales. For eCommerce business it is not easy to retain customers, as well as to reach more number of customers. So always keep focus on the modern marketing trends to prepare store for the up coming holiday season. It’s the perfect time to boost traffic to your eCommerce shop.

Best festive SEO tips to boost traffic…

# 1. Using attractive stickers :

During festive season change the look of your e-commerce store, through an attractive banner . Finding it attractive, customers come back to store again and again. Highlight the discount on your sticker, making it more attractive..

# 2. Use of social media :

Social media is the most influential tool for any type of business, whether it is online or offline. Social media helps you to inform your customer about your holiday season discounts and sales. To increase the number of customers to your store, you can use paid advertising campaign..

# 3. Mobile customers :

Now a days customers find it handy and easy to search through mobiles. The number of mobile searchers is increasing day by day. So make your website mobile friendly or you may lose many customers. Mobile friendly websites has more number of searchers, who finally end as customer.

# 4. Email marketing :

When it comes to increasing sales, eCommerce business also follow email marketing along with social media. Through email marketing, you can engage with your customers and bring them to your site. Make sure that your email format contains the content, which is helpful to your customer, to know about the product and holiday discount.

# 5. Creating promotional ads :

During holiday sales season, there is neck to neck competition between stores. Promotional ads play an important role in attracting higher traffic. Higher the traffic, higher will be your sales and returns. These promotional ads highlights the discount your store is offering, like free shipping ads which helps in increasing your sales.

#6. Offering free shipping :

One survey says that the percentage of sales increased by 49% after offering free shipping service to the customers. Most of the shoppers are always looking for free shipping to save money. That’s why many stores are offering free shipping. This has been regarded as one of the most powerful marketing strategies to increase sales during holiday  seasons. If you don’t want to offer free shipping to customers, then you can create conditional shipping rule., by which consumer can enjoy free shipping if their order value exceeds to certain amount.

#7. Offering gift cards or coupons :

Gift card is another most successful marketing strategy for eCommerce online stores. Offering coupons, gift cards, to customers, which they can make use of it during their next purchase. This strategy helps you to retain the customer with your store and also boost your sales revenue.

#8. Appreciation of customers :

If you appreciate your customer for their purchase from your store . This will make your customer feel unique and valued. Pay attention to the inquiries of customers. By this gesture they may try to get more customers to your site and add to your customers review .

#9. Optimize the performance :

When you are dealing with eCommerce store, customers rush online can also slow down your store. So it is essential to optimize your store performance, so customers can have hassle free shopping.

# 10. Hassle free communication :

Before purchasing, customer has many questions. If their queries are not answered on time, they may leave the site, and this can be a loss to your store. Make sure that you are responding to your customer quickly. For a hassle free communication, you can offer live chat support on your website. This will reduce the time consumption between you and your customer queries. Satisfied with the answers customer will end with a purchase.


These are the essential tips to increase traffic to your store during festive season. It is not just about the holiday shopping season, anytime is a good time to give creative ways that  will help you in boosting sales throughout the year. A solid SEO foundation will help you to keep ahead of your competitors.  

Amazing SEO tips for Online success that e-commerce websites have been ignoring..

SEO is a vital digital marketing tool. It is a valuable tool because it builds brand awareness, promotes quality traffic and enhances users experience.SEO is important because it makes your website more visible and that means more traffic and higher conversion ratio. If you genuinely wish to rank high on search engine, certain SEO tips which you cannot ignore. These diversified SEO tips will help you to drive traffic to your website in order to rank well on search engines.

# 1. Image quality matters :

Image quality is one of the key performance indicators. An e-commerce store have a number of products listed, items vary from category, style, color, design etc.., It is the image which appeals their eyes, where they click for better outlook .

  • By zooming the image the buyer gets a better idea of the product, its utility and quality.
  • Product image is the main tool for convincing your customers. They give users confidence in the product.
  • This helps your website visitors to be your customers.
  • Descriptive product name is another key factor to get better ranking.
  • Your product name should match with your product. You cannot have any random name for your product.

#2. Effective & unique content :

Unique content always works wonders for online business. It means content should be original and not duplicated from anywhere else. Because search engine ranking, rate unique content high and improves the website’s position.

       It is found that 2 out of every 5 e-commerce content is duplicate. Websites can be penalized for posting duplicate content and can also be removed.

    Google wants to provide their users the best experience through unique content. Content should be effective. It should be capable of driving traffic to your website and converting them to your customer.

# 3. Effective keywords :

Effective keywords helps your site to target the qualified traffic from search engines to your website. If the keywords used are not proper then all your efforts of starting an online store goes in vain. Optimizing keywords is the most important aspect of SEO. Make sure you use keywords which the customers are using regularly and also should match with your content. Effective keywords helps you to measure traffic potential of your website.

# 4. Consistent URL :

SEO friendly URL [uniform resource locator] structure helps in building consistency. It also helps to promote your page ranking and enhance the user experience. Offering a great user experience and useful unique content will help your website to optimize your URL structure.

    Following tips helps you to keep your URL consistent

  • Keep it simple and consistent
  • Use short URL’s
  • Keep it organized
  • Use right keywords 

Make sure that your URL structure and format is same for all the pages of your website. Also the words in the URL should be same to the content on your website. And so this will enhance users experience.

# 5. Optimize your page :

Optimizing page on your website helps your site to become more search engine friendly. It helps your site to draw a significant level of online traffic, also helps in improving the users experience. It also helps to grow your ranking level on SEO. Use custom title tags and meta descriptions; it will contribute to a higher click rate from search engines.

Pull up :

SEO helps your business to accomplish a number of goals such as brand awareness, traffic conversion, users experience and much more. SEO is still of the utmost importance for any business that wants to be visible online.

10 New Things In Digital In December 2020 Digital Marketing Updates..

Digital marketing is going to be more digitally advanced, in the coming years. Create customized solutions for your business by innovatively combining the worlds of marketing and technology.

      There are few trends and innovations that are actually more interesting and that will surely affect your digital marketing strategy.

# 1. Artificial Intelligence:

[AI] Artificial intelligence is transforming digital strategies. As it has the ability to improve digital marketing strategies and provide valuable customer insight for companies. For instance brands like Amazon and Spotify are using AI system successfully. AI can analyze consumer search patterns and behavior. It uses data from social media platforms and help business understand how customers find any product or services. So we can say that AI will be the driving force behind digital marketing.

# 2. Voice Search:

Currently voice search is the main tool  of online marketing. If your business is not optimized for voice searches, subsequently you cannot reach your audience and achieve your marketing targets. Now voice search is one of the prominent trends developing day to day. The reason behind it is – users love the convenience of searching by saying the search terms rather than typing them. Voice search is going to be a “boon” for industries like restaurants, retails and hospitality.

# 3. Chat Bots:

A chat bot is a computer software that automates conversation with the user. In the coming years chat bots are going to be an important asset in the digital marketing. AI based chat bots use the instant messaging feature to chat with the customer. Likewise customers also like to interact with a chat bot as they are 24/7 available. They also recall your entire purchase history.

# 4. Augmented Reality:

[AR] AR for marketing is now holding the grip in this digital era, where you can become a brand name by following the latest trends of promotion strategies.

     Specifically the main objective of AR in marketing, is to achieve increased brand awareness and  greater customer engagement. For example IKEA Lenskart is using AR as their marketing strategy. Lenskart allows you to take your photo from your phone and test different types of frames by virtually placing it on your photo. You can move around and check which suits you better.

# 5. Social Messaging App:

Recently as per the survey 10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Face book. 55 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp. Since people are spending more time on these apps, it makes a sense to market your product through these medium, where your customers are hanging out most of the time. These apps helps you to be in direct contact with customer. Deliver information directly to the targeted customers and boost sales.

# 6. Personalized Emails:

Likewise, billions still use email for personal, commercial, industrial and academic purposes. So Emails have still retained its importance. Now emails are getting boost due to automation and personalized touch. Personalized email is a valuable communication tool that helps in converting window shoppers into life long customers.

# 7. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is an essential component of digital marketing. Google is developing a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of online content. So marketers must think carefully about how they can tailor content. Google is giving importance to – in depth, accurate current content that gives a high user experience and matches with the product on the site. Digital marketers should keep these things while creating new content.

# 8. Paid Media Advertising:

Through paid media advertising, marketers can opt for alternate platforms other than Face book and Google. if your users are spending time interacting with short videos and stories, sites like Tiktok and Snapchat could be worth investing in. For instance  Reddit Quora and Medium all have tailored areas where conversations are actively happening.

However allocate a small portion to your paid advertising budget to explore and test alternative sources that could help meet you, where your buyers spend time.                  

# 9. Webinars :

Recently webinars have gained much importance in the digital world. Webinars with live web conferencing through audio or video events are able to conduct from remote locations. Through webinars you can engage with your customers from anywhere anytime. They are cost effective too. Most businesses and organizations have successfully adopted webinars with high conversion rates.

# 10. Website Security:

Finally but not lastly about 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day. This numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. So the importance of website security is increasing rapidly. Website security and safety is important as it holds all your data within.

Need For Website Security:

  • Hacked websites target your customers.
  • Loss of business reputation, sales and revenue.
  • Website gets black listed on search engine.
  • Hackers use your website to redirect visitors to other malicious sites.

Website security is important, because of a hacked website , a customer loses trust leading to a loss of business reputation and loss of revenue ,which means an end of business.


Finding creative solutions with new digital trends  will allow you to connect with your customers. The world of digital sales and marketing moves with a great speed. The companies that innovate and embrace new digital technologies will gain an edge over competitors and new customers.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing Approaching The Holiday Shopping

For both traditional and e-commerce business, festive season is the best season to increase sales. To retain your customers and to attract the new customers specifically f keep focus on new marketing trends. Prepare your store for the upcoming holiday season. It’s the perfect time to boost traffic to your e-commerce store.

         Give some thoughts to the areas where your business can see an improvement this holiday season and direct your digital marketing campaigns towards raising that weak spot in your business.

         Analyze your last year’s holiday marketing strategies. What worked? What didn’t work? This will help you to define strategies that you should follow this season and which strategies should be put aside this year.

# 1. Upgrading Your Website:

Your website is the most important component of your digital marketing plan. Good looking websites get more people to your website.

  • Firstly all websites need to be visually appealing.
  • From time to time upgrade your website. If a browser sees something extraordinary on your site they are more likely to visit your site and show interest on the product / services displayed.
  • Likewise Icons can be used to communicate ideas in a simple way. These icons should support well with your product and content on the page.
  • If your website is easily navigable by the visitors, it will enhance users experience.
  • Make your website mobile friendly and secure.

# 2. Social media:

Currently social media is the most influential tool for digital marketing. Many social media sites are becoming more and more visual. For instance platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook are becoming popular because of posting photos and images. Simultaneously you can also explore paid social media advertising, to promote your holiday sales. Social media, helps in promoting your holiday offers and driving traffic to your website.

# 3. Email:

When it comes to increasing sales, e-commerce business also follow email marketing along with social media. Through email marketing you can engage with your customers and bring them to your site. Make sure that your email format contains the content, which is helpful to your customer to know about the product and holiday season discount your store is offering. You can also send a happy holiday’s email to your customers and thank them for their business.

# 4. Retargeting The Audience:

When you are browsing a website to purchase something, but decide not to, then you see an advertisement 30 minutes later on another website. This is called remarketing advertising campaign. It allows you to target specific audience that have previously viewed a specific product. This remarketing acts as a second effort to make a conversion. During holiday season, customers are viewing so many products online, a little reminder can make the visitor into a customer.

# 5. Keep Using Videos:

Video marketing is a major area of growth. When it comes to your holiday marketing, create video advertisement of your product/services, about your content about your social media networks. Go live on social media to make customers know what the product is? And all about your holiday offers.

# 6. Keep The Google AD Running:

Google ad is one of the most impressive success stories in tech history. It is one of the most cost effective advertising methods for all sizes of e-stores. Make sure that you use Google ad’s to target specific customers to visit the landing page which will satisfy their queries. Once Google ad starts running, you have to make adjustments, small variations on ad copy, keywords, landing pages and any thing which may bring small improvement in your ROI.


However pay attention to where your customers are spending time online, go there to provide them with valuable holiday content. Use these digital marketing approach this holiday season and make a positive impact.  Wishing you a happy new year.

Safe Way To Prepare And Optimize Your Website For Holiday…

You may not think your site has anything worth being hacked for, but websites are compromised. The majority of website security breaches are ought to steal your data or mess with your website, instead to use your server as an email relay for spam or to serve files of an illegal nature.

     During holiday season, you don’t have much time to make major changes such as changing content, working on site structure, doing an seo audit. These can be done during off season. However there are certain things you can do ,to increase your traffic and sales , protecting you website and your ranking with the seo.

      Broadly there are 4 types of task which you can carry out without losing your traffic and security.

  1. Identifying and fixing errors 
  2. Improving email deliveries 
  3. Recovering lost traffic and links
  4. Protecting your website and domain name.

# 1. Identifying And Fixing Errors:

Usually errors in website occur because of an insecure internet connection or an outdated webpage or a damaged link. To fix this type of issue , you need to verify the settings and run a simple maintenance task. By doing this you can increase the system security and the speed of transferring  data. Various types of errors are encountered by your website such as 404 errors, redirecting, duplicate content and grammatical errors. Each error points out different website issue. Website crawler helps in fixing errors. Different types of crawlers available are On crawl, Deep crawl, Site liner, site bulb, just to name a few. If you run into any errors, then with the above mentioned tools you can fix them , this will only qualify your site.

# 2. Improving Email Deliveries:

Email delivery is important. It is found that there are email scammers and spammers ,who are looking out for email addresses from a quality domain website. If email addresses are not protected well , you may  lose  your customers. Setting up of  DMARC  tools helps in protecting from these issues.

  • Sending emails continuously once a week to the subscribers will help in removing the poor subscribers 
  • There are settings like DNS [domain name system] settings. These settings have records of internet traffic. This will help you in finding poor subscribers.
  • It also have some domain names which are blocked, as they have a history of sending spam.
  • Also check if your domain name is on email blacklist. If so ,you can remove your domain name from black list by using services  such as DN, spam has DBL blacklist removal. 
  • These tools helps you to know why your domain name is on black list? They have specific instructions, on how to submit to get your domain name removed from the blacklist.

# 3. Recovering Lost Traffic And Links:

To optimize your website for the holidays safely, is to recover your lost traffic. Find old pages from the past and revive them. Bad links on your website will reduce your ranking.

  • Old pages such as black Friday pages ,cyber Monday pages  from previous year, most likely aren’t live pages on your website you are not linking to them or not promoting them ,so your website shows error. Tools like Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz helps in reviving and fixing these issues.
  • Find 404 error pages, put the content back on those pages or redirect them to the existing pages.
  • Identify the orphaned pages that are still ranking and link them to new website.
  • Find pages on your website that are already ranking in the search engine result. Link these pages to your current web page .For whatever reason  the page is still indexed and it has traffic, this will help the current web page.
  • Crawlers such as On crawl  and site bulb will help you to find orphaned pages.

# 4. Protecting Your Website And Domain Name:

Your website generates revenue for your business. Your domain name is the most valuable asset of your business. There are a number of common mistakes, that can result in the loss of your domain name. With a loss in your domain name, there will be no traffic and you will lose sales and income.

  • Back up your website. You should back up your website at least once a day. Manual and automatic ways are available for back up facilities.
  • Have latest updates for plugins and themes.
  • Scan your website for security issues and malware. If any malware encountered then your search engine listing and web browser may block visitors. For this you have to clean up the web. Google search console helps in fixing security issues if any.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your domain name. Protect  your website account with your domain registrar with a strong password. You must be cautious when responding to mails and emails from parties.

Pull up:

All these tips are generally safe and make your website more secure. If you don’t fix the issues, then you may lose the traffic and also your SEO ranking may fall.