Any e-commerce business will have to necessarily ensure that the website's search tools yield accurate and quick results for customers. Altius offers consulting, implementation and merchandising solutions for e-commerce site search and navigation. Altius has expertise in implementing SOLR, Elastic Search, Sphinx, Search Spring, Oracle Endeca, etc.

Why Enterprise Search Application for e-commerce Site?

Apache Solr is used as the search engine in e-commerce platform. A popular open source does search navigation for the websites. It can index, search multiple sites or pages and return recommendations for related content based on the search query taxonomy. Some significant features include full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, NoSQL. A response like JSON, XML, PHP, Ruby, Python and XSLT, database integration... Elasticsearch search engine provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. It centrally stores your data, so that you can discover the expected and uncover the unexpected.

Why Search Integration and How Altius Differs?

We faced a lot of challenges during the indexing of a large number of documents. We took examples from e-commerce sites that are rich in a number of products and their information. On the other side, the job sites that are rich in the number of documents. On breaking down how indexing happens and what should be the possibility to speed up the site search for navigation, arrived the solution of Solr and Elasticsearch. One of such enterprise searches, Solr was ten times faster when indexing the entire site and five times faster when searching for documents. Now, we have proven our expertise in the same and started rendering these services to our clients. We are within our reach out to more than a three hundred customers across the globe. Supported by a great team, Altius has been delivering a full range of services to help optimize business-critical applications.

Enterprise Search Integration Boosts Site Search and Enables Search Navigation

  • One will never need to manually merchandise their search or category listings again. Our Solr search algorithm analyses your catalog to find products that match the search query in ways rather than simply matching the text.
  • It looks for complex patterns in the product metadata and checks them against past visitor behavior. In that way, we take a unique approach to solve our customer issues that go beyond text matching.
  • We are also fully familiar with leading commercial alternatives, such as Oracle Endeca, and can help you to choose the right search strategy for your e-commerce needs.
  • Use of multiple threads for indexing on Solr enables to handle a large index containing a huge number of documents.
  • Our cost effective excellent e-commerce solutions have been deployed by more than a hundred Solr customers. The results show that their Search exits decreased by 25% and revenue from visits with search increased by over 60%.