Digital Asset Management encompasses converting, editing, resizing and enhancing images to be in line with the product description and the branding of the e-commerce store.

Methodology of Digital Assets Collection

Altius will collect a variety of digital assets about a product from the manufacturer from multiple sites and will index and will store these assets in a central repository.

eCommerce stores capture a lot of pictures to represent their products as pictures give life to the products. However, the images may not have the right information, may not have videos or the right data sheets to help the visitors to understand the products features and benefits.

Altius provides Product Collateral services that allows e-commerce stores to organize and find multiple digital files. The universe of digital assets include Images, Photos, Videos, Audio.

Benefits from Our Digital Asset Management Solutions

  • Visitors will be able to find more information about the product from collateral services which will influence their purchase.
  • Stores will quickly be able to search for the right asset and render the asset along with the product on your stores for an effective conversion.
  • Stores get an integrated view and access to the assets that reside in multiple applications such as CRM/ERP, PIM and will be able to retrieve all of those instantaneously.

Some of the sample enterprise solutions developed by us

  • Effectively synchronize with internal enterprise systems by extending them to the mobile work environments through secured access
  • Manage and mobilize your enterprise workforce to meet the standards of organization's data availability and security facilitating scalability whenever required.
  • Ensure that the enterprise mobile apps is optimized for functionality on multiple devices with varying degrees of screen orientations.