Many manufacturers send hundreds of pages of information about every product from their end. The right information has to be uploaded from a PDF perspective.

Business Issues

  • Retailer is unable to find out where the information is and hence has to upload the entire manual. This leads to the site being slow or having an information overload
  • Retailer uploads part information which is not accurate

Altius Methodology

  • Altius uses an in-house tool and searches the entire repository of the document, zone in on the pages that has the words used in the keywords
  • The tool cuts, merges and collate those pages that have product relevant words
  • Will help the retailer to upload only the important product pages and not all the pages or irrelevant pages

Benefits of PDF Collection and Extraction

  • Reduces the time the retailer spends in tracking the entire documentation that is required for the product
  • Prevents the retailers from uploading some random information because they are unable to find the right sections within a large manual
  • Repository information also includes warranty sheet, installation manual sheet, specification – PDS, CAD files, Drawing sheets and MSDS sheets as well