Data about products exists in multiple formats including paper. Collating all information into one single electronic format to provide your visitors with the right information, persuading them to buy is very important. Visitors might not make purchases if they feel that they have not understood enough about the product.

Why Choose Altius for Product Catalog Management Services?

  • Altius provides Catalog Management services that convert data in physical (paper) formats into electronic format using industry standard formatted files
  • We will also regularly update your product database and optimize it for completeness
  • We understand that there will be lots of changes in the product attributes such as prices, policies, warranty information based on the promotions you will launch from time to time
  • Limiting the promotions to a few products for a short time to certain locations is difficult to manage
  • There are also instances when every manufacturer will give you their base information in their own formats and description. We will evaluate all the parameters, come up with a suggestion of best formats based on search data and will convert multiple nomenclatures into one nomenclature
  • We will ensure that we will handle all these short-term challenges and will revert the product information back to the normal state once the promotions are over
  • We will be able to save you time, effort and the money you will have to spend in compiling, updating and publishing the product data