Manifestations of the product in form of galleries, slideshows, pictures with multiple sizes are a must. Lots of images get uploaded but care is not taken to upload the right quality and the type of images.

Business Challenges without Catalog Image Processing

  • Users have very little time in analyzing a product. They quickly form opinions about the website if the images are not right in terms of quality
  • The users will switch over to other website to look at better images and gets hooked on to the other website
  • Users may get confused while searching for a particular product and order the wrong product leading to a return at a later stage

Catalog Image Processing at Altius

  • Altius has developed a methodology to change the logo, images for manufacturers, Inserting & Removing watermark and image cropping to name a few
  • We also convert these images into high-quality resolution to optimize the website
  • Large size images can be converted to small size images for easy loading
  • Providing a variety of images of multiple sizes to help the visitor make a buying decision

Benefits of Catalog Image Processing

  • Color specific images can be findable
  • Product pages will be attractive
  • Images are the important aspect of any product sale and very much essential for ecommerce store to get relevant information to the buyer
  • Product specific image associated with the product details influence the customer to buy the product Product image speaks to the user visiting online store converting to a potential customer
  • With the Catalog Image Processing, The visitor will be able to get in the desired sizes like thumbnail, small, zoom, etc. that required for the online store
  • Resizing and the image edits including background change enhances the visual appeal of the product