Product Data Enrichment is all about providing completeness of data and up to date information on the products to make the visitors' purchase extent. Altius offers best Product Data Enrichment services to enhance the e-commerce platform to grab the attention of the customers.

Difficulties of e-commerce Business without Product Data Enrichment?

  • Products may not have sufficient specifications that don't fulfill the information about the product
  • Product Data Enrichment Inadequacy will make the visitors annoy while searching for many keywords to find the actual product, at last, they don’t find the correct product information
  • Lack of completeness of information that doesn’t describe the product detail

Why Choose Altius for Product Data Enrichment Services?

  • Altius has a globally compliant product information database and will analyze each product
  • Developing the attribute and schema for the product by referring to the benchmark competitor websites. Data capture services include a gap analysis of product vs attribute matrix
  • Ensure the completeness of the data with Product Data Enrichment service and will ensure navigation (filters) reports
  • Perform product data audit and will do a gap analysis and will fill the gaps in terms of standardization, using multiple sources like Brochures, Catalogs, Manufacturer websites, etc. and will remove duplicate entries and will enhance the product images

Benefits of Product Data Enrichment

  • Ensures that the product is completely understood with all the attributes for the visitor
  • Product Data Enrichment will Increase the engagement and revenue for the retailer
  • Improve sales through a clean and attributed data capture
  • Buyer will be able to make the proper selections based on the information that's correct
  • Customers come to know more about the richness of product data and influences buying it
  • Completeness of the information brings the reliability to the viewer