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Product Data Normalization

Power your data with uniform and distinct values enabling product findability.

Product Data Normalization is all about optimizing existing client data into a consistent one with uniformity. Normalized data will help to get the right data in the right format in the right fields arranged well in a database. Also, ensuring the duplicate data gets eliminated and a clean unique data appears!


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

E-Commerce Business Consequences without Product Data Normalization

  • Lots of data lead to data inconsistency in terms of units of measurement, volume, color to name a few.
  • Confuses the visitor and gets them to think that the site is not consistent in the representation of the e-commerce site values.
  • Inconsistency of data in the product attributes values make the customer get confused about the product information.
  • Improper Product Data normalization takes times to reach the exact product page to the customer.

Altius in Product Data Normalization Services

  • Altius will perform a site analysis and will come out with discrepancies or inconsistencies in the website.
  • Multiple parameters will be evaluated and gaps will be identified.
  • In-house developed software Data Analyzer with a unique data validation module helps identify the inconsistency.
  • Map the customers search parameters and will present the data based on customers’ recommendation.
  • Product Data Normalization ensures to give the required data with considerable information.

Advantages of Product Data Normalization

  • The entire site will be consistent with each other pages and provides a consistent experience to the visitors.
  • A customer sees the description of all the products in the same manner irrespective of the location they log from.
  • Product Data Normalization services will reduce the data duplication.
  • Normalized data readily available to grab the customer attention.
  • Gains the product visibility from the normalized product data.