How Data Enrichment Services Help In Market Identification?

All businesses work under the pretext of profit maximization. Today with the abundant availability of data across industries, companies prefer to base their marketing strategies on the data collected. As a B2B company, you would have enough information about the kind of customers that buy your products. Understanding these customers could benefit you in designing your marketing strategies or even future re-alignment of the company.

Data Enrichment

This involves cleaning and enhancing of raw data. Meaning, Data enrichment makes data more valuable to you. The common enrichment processes are just about correcting typos and product content. But have you thought about enriching your lead data? You know its incomplete and it has so much potential to help you design your efforts towards increasing sales. You can get your data enriched and segregated based on
  • Geography: Location, postal code, and country
  • Demographics: Age, gender, income, and education
  • Behavior: Preferred purchases and forms of communication

How is this data helpful to you?

In-depth buyer segmentation

By categorizing buyers under the tabs of age, gender, occupation and of-course the kind of products they have purchased, you can club them into different groups. You can curate your marketing efforts based on the group you want to target. Answering questions they might have could prove to be a great conversation starter between the company and the customers directly.

Customer Experience

Forming a long-lasting relationship with your customer is pivotal in any business relationship. The enriched data could show the direction on enhancing customer experience online/offline in-order for you to take to achieve this.

Lead scoring

Enriched data gives you more insights on leads. This helps you understand who they are and what did they last do on your site- online/offline. Focussing on existing customer’s buying behaviour help you gauge the missing factor and therefore prioritize the same to gain new customers. To a large extent web scrapping also helps you in providing information with regards to leads.


Regardless of B2C or B2B, a customer likes to be treated well and approached in a personal way. He does not like mass advertising, nor is he influenced by it. The learning here, know your customer inside out. Not all customers think alike. Everybody is different. Yet they can be grouped in different sets, based on a certain set of values. Data enrichment can give you a deep understanding about who your customers are, their demographics, location, likes and dislikes etc.,. This data can help you curate campaigns to target a specific set of customers. The perks of getting your lead & existing customer data enriched Most B2C companies make sure that their marketing team understands their customers. Customers evolve over time. The same can be expected for B2B customers as well. Everybody is unique and change is constant. Understanding this evolution over time is very important for every business. Having a deep- rooted insight of your leads and existing customers can help you plan your business better.
  • Increase the conversion rates on your landing page
  • Improve your product sales
  • Score your leads
  • Develop a personal approach to your lead
  • Categorize your data
To get optimal result out of your data post enrichmentit is very important you choose the right partner for the job. With many entities out there promising an undistinguishable plethora of data, you need to understand if their source is reliable and if the team is dependable. Getting to work with junk data or wrong or bad data will result in a no hope result. Experts at Altius Technologies have proven efficient in working with old data and finding a way to correct wrong data. The teams focus on finding a solution instead of finding a faster way out of the problem. Make sure your make the right choice now. Book a demo and learn more about how we could help you.
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