unique at your workplace

All of us love receiving appreciation for tasks well done. Whether at home or at work, it is this appreciation that motivates us to continue giving our best always.

At work, we usually expect this recognition at the time of our appraisals.

However, like it or not, while our manager does appreciate us, he/she expects us to stand out from others.

So, what can you do to be unique in your profession?

This is not as challenging as it sounds if you adopt a few simple steps to work towards this goal.

Be positive always

Maintain a positive attitude always and be optimistic. A pessimistic approach will keep not only your team members away from you.

Be positive always

Take up every opportunity or task as a challenge and work on it as much as you can with the attitude of a problem solver before you decline or refuse the assignment.

This can do attitude will definitely make you stand out among others.

Listen to your peers

This is very important if you are working in a team. Your team members may have their own views just as you have yours. Express your views and allow them to state their opinions.

Together, you can work out on a solution that works best for everyone.

Take leadership role

Avoid using the term ‘I’, ‘me’ and so on. Instead of using ‘We’ and ‘us’ can go a long way in helping you to gain your respect and in turn being noticed in the team.

Take leadership role

Offer to lead the team when there is a group task or activity to be completed. When you prove your leadership skills to be effective, you are very likely to be noticed at your workplace.

Take leadership role

Master your existing skills

This refers to improvising your existing skills.

For example, if you are good in analytical thinking and your job needs you to work on MS Excel, take time to learn as much as possible about it.

Master your existing skills

Become an expert by learning more than about the software than just the features you use at work.

You can also work on learning other software that can be used for analytical thinking.

Voice your opinions

Do not hesitate in expressing your views about what you are confident of. However, remember not to be aggressive when you do this.

voice your opinions

Talk about them as just your suggestion or what you would do in that particular situation.

Learn something new

Try to learn a new skill that is preferably in demand even outside your workplace.

Learn something new

If others are still contemplating about this and you have become proficient in this, you have a good chance of getting recognized from the crowd.

Adopt a sense of humor

Of course, you cannot always have fun at work.

However, displaying this trait can lighten a tense situation. It can make people come to you when they are worried about something and want to be a bit relaxed.

adopt a sense of humour

But, you must know when and how to use this trait so that you will get noticed by your employer.

Show consistent accomplishments

The trick here is not what you do, but how you do. Put in your best efforts in everything that you do.

Compete against yourself each time and aim at doing better than last time.

Finally, you may not be able to master all the above traits in a single day or a week.

Some of them may take some time to develop. But, they are definitely achievable with determination on your part.

Also, they can help you uncover your hidden strengths and use them to bring out the best in you to stand out at your workplace.

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