inRiver Solutions with Altius

inRiver Solutions with Altius

inRiver PIM

inRiver helps to simplify Product Information Management (PIM) for Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution industries. inRiver PIM Solution helps to build product experiences for eCommerce stores and product marketing teams. It also delivers highly searchable, enriched, and consistently better product content. It drives conversions while optimizing customer experience throughout B2B distribution networks. inRiver is for marketers and takes care of the ease of on boarding information, redefining information integration and elevating the quality of product content.

Altius is in esteemed partnership with inRiver solution for PIM implementations, PIM Solutions development, and PIM consulting services.

PIM implementation involves a Product Information Management System that provides a centralized place to collect, manage, and enrich product information and along the way create a product catalog and also disperse it to eCommerce channels. inRiver Solutions development makes it faster to create and deliver high end product experiences. inRiver PIM consulting services with Altius support in consistently implementing the product strategy from conception to the point the project goes live. 

We maintain relationship with existing inRiver customers to help them meet their continuous development requirements to get the maximum ROI on the investment. 

Altius PIM Connector Integration with inRiver

We have has proven expertise in PIM Connector Integration. PIM connector integrates product data from different various systems and applications together thereby achieving 360-degree view of the product data. inRiver Connector Settings play a vital role in the PIM implementation or integration. inRiver Connector settings saves time by making use of inRiver’s specification entity to store some of the frequently changing values thus enabling faster search output and quick results. 

inRiver PIM Connector is used to export product data to IDW (Industry Data Warehouse for manufacturers or distributors) which is managed by the IDEA (Industry Data Exchange Association). inRiver PIM centralizes and manages eCommerce product data information enabling a single accurate view of product data that can be utilized for multiple channels.

Altius Approach to PIM Integration

Point-to-Point Integration

Since we develop the connector to integrate and function the system; Altius follows a traditional approach to PIM integration called Point-to-point integration. Applications and systems are connected through a one-to-one relationship, where they interact with each other individually. Point-to-point integration requires developers to implement PIM integration; by building custom code between PIM systems and other relevant applications and systems.

API – Led Connectivity

API-led connectivity is a new approach to PIM integration. It is a methodical way to connect data with applications through reusable and purposeful API’s. This connectivity came into play because of the limitations of point-to-point PIM integration.

Niche areas of Altius for PIM connector integration are homegrown, custom software systems, eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Amazon,

CMS systems; that is, WordPress, KenticoPIM connector integration for Printing with systems like InDesign and PIM tools for export, import, model etc.

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