The way you display your products on e-Commerce marketplace can widely influence the buying decisions of your prospective customers. Maintaining an up-to-date, accurate and well-organized Amazon / eBay product listing helps you in improving product findability and persuading your prospects to boost your sales.

Amazon/eBay Product Data Listing Services

  • Amazon/eBay Catalog Management & Product Listing
    We help in uploading your products in the right categories with relevant product attributes such as Product title, Product description, and keywords. Through evaluated product enhancement techniques we ensure that your products capture your potential buyer’s attention
  • Amazon/eBay Bulk Product Upload
    Bulk volume listing is our strength. Indigenous software developed by our in-house development team enables us in listing high volumes of data with ease. We can easily upload and manage your products in multiple channels.
  • Amazon/eBay Product Feed Creation
    Our team is capable of identifying and differentiating parent and child SKUs and list the child SKUs as a variation to the primary product. Defining product variations correctly can help your products gain more visibility and sales. (Variation may be size, color, style, count, etc.).
  • Product Image Editing Services
    Product images directly impact your overall sales. An attractive product image has the ability to grab your customer’s attention and turn them into buyers. Our team is completely aware of e-commerce marketplace’s stringent imaging policies and can accordingly work on your product photos.
      We ensure that:
    • Uploaded product photos are of the right size and format.
    • Correct number of images is uploaded for each product.
    • Background colour is as per channel requirement.
    • All the images including the parent, child and alternate images are suitably cropped to offer a better viewing experience to the customer.
    • Enable zooming option on your product images to improve customer experience.
  • Amazon/eBay Inventory Management Services
    With our Amazon/eBay data upload service, we ensure your products are never too low or high on inventory. We send triggers when inventory is not optimum. Our team can provide valuable insights in terms of planning Min Max quantity, Stock planning, and shipping.
    When you outsource your Amazon/eBay data upload project to us, our experts will efficiently manage the product catalog as per channel guidelines, helping you expand your customer base and increase sales