How to sustain strong sales after holiday spike

The holiday season or any festive season provides a big sales boost for both traditional business and online business. You should not fall victim of major sales crash once the shopping season has ended. Instead plan ahead so that you can keep sales high all year long.. There are many ways to boost the sales after holiday spike for instance allowing discounts, freebies, free shipping, coupons launch new products, run some end of season sales, retarget your best customers, remind them of their reward points and gift cards and keep them focused, as how your products will make their life better.

Ways to boost sales after holiday spike

#1. Providing Coupons :

As maximum customers make purchases during holidays, that will increase the sales undoubtedly. along with holiday purchase, you can include coupon which they can use post holiday.

#2. Be prepared for exchange:

Post holiday, business usually face full of returning or exchanging products. in such a situation we can offer a discount for customers who make extra purchase while returning or exchanging items.

#3. Showing gratitude:

Holiday sales make some business so busy that you may have missed the chance to properly thanking your most loyal customers. Post holiday is the best time to show the gratitude to the customers. offer special deals via emails do something special so they remain loyal throughout the year.

#4. Feedback from holiday shoppers :

During post holiday try to get the feed back from the holiday shoppers regarding their experience during holiday shopping feedback on the product and its quality you can also ask as what new product they are looking for ?

# 5. Continue with holiday campaign:

Don’t stop the holiday campaign, as holidays are over. There are many people who go in for last minute keep the holiday campaign going for an extra week to boost most sales.

#6. Writing new content:

During this period of time you get time to write some new blogs or contents for your business. as the business is slow you can spend time creating new contents for social media.

#7. Launching a new product:

This is a perfect time to launch a new product. as you are not busy during this time you can fully concentrate on new product launch.

#8. Offer free shipping:

Nothing attracts more than the word ” free ”. Free shipping makes it easier for consumers to purchase online. you can also offer free shipping exclusively to loyal customers, this will encourage customers to return back for purchase.

#9. Exciting offers for first time buyers:

Exciting offers for first time buyers like cash back, free shipping, on first purchase offering discounts, helps in retaining the first time buyers for long.

#10. Don’t let your customers go empty handed:

Shopping is always attractive. the customers get excited if they get something in return as rewards. rewards have the potential to bring back old customers as well as new. rewards like offering gift certificates, cash backs, referral bonus etc.


Marketing involves reaching out to customers all year round. Effective marketing and sales strategies helps you to overcome the post holiday slump. The best thing to do is to not disappear after the holiday season ends. you have to focus on both new and existing consumers to beat the post holiday sales slump.