Know your Worth

Know your Worth

Once upon a time, when Lord Buddha lived, a man named Kishore went to him and asked “What is the worth of human life?” Lord Buddha smiled and instead gave him a shining stone and said “First go and find the worth of this stone.” Kishore got puzzled with Buddha’s reply. But without saying anything he took the stone and was about to go when Buddha reminded him not to sell the stone in any case. 

Kishore, though a bit surprised, took that stone and went to the market. First he went to an Orange seller and asked him about the worth of the stone. Orange seller replied “I will give a dozen of oranges and you give this stone to me.” Kishore moved on and then went to a vegetable vendor and asked him the same question. The vendor exclaimed “Take a sack of potatoes and leave this shiny stone.” 

Kishore still not satisfied with all these answers kept going on. Next he went to a goldsmith and showed him the stone. Goldsmith amazed by the shine of the stone said “Sell me this stone for $100,000”. Kishore refused this offer. Goldsmith readily agreed to pay him $500,000. Finally Kishore said “My teacher has asked me not to sell this stone to anyone.” 

Finally Kishore went to a diamond merchant and showed him the stone. When the diamond merchant saw this beautiful, shining stone, he could not believe his eyes. Mesmerized by the beauty of the stone, the diamond merchant first laid down a red velvet cloth and then placed that Ruby stone on it and bowed before it. Finally he asked Kishore, “Where did you find this precious stone? Even after selling the whole world we can’t estimate the worth of this ruby stone. This is priceless and invaluable.” 

Kishore got puzzled with the variety of experience he just had with different people and went straight back to Lord Buddha. He then narrated his story to Buddha and asked him, “What is the worth of human life?”

 Buddha replied, “Orange seller quoted 12 oranges, Vegetable vendor said one sack of potatoes, goldsmith valued the stone at $500000 and finally diamond merchant mentioned it as invaluable.”  The same is true for human life. “Kishore you are a gem”, said Buddha. But people around you will value you according to their status, knowledge and capacity. So the moral is one should not worry too much, rather live to the fullest as we will find people who will realize the true worth of us. 

Such inspirational tales during this Coronavirus pandemic  refresh our souls, transforming fear into hope and trust and fill our minds and heart with positivity making us believe in ourselves a bit more than what others think of us. 

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