The Four Wives of a Dying Husband

The Four Wives of a Dying Husband

There was a man who had 4 wives, he loved the fourth one very dearly, and he would get her the nicest dress. He would get her the nicest jewelry; he would dress her very nicely and entertain with her all the time. She loved him, he loved her.

He also loved the third wife. The third wife was also dear to him, he would give her everything, and she was the one who controlled everything in his life.

He also loved the second wife, he was also confident in her, she was the one to whom he would tell all his personal matters, he would always talk to his second wife about life.

His first wife was there, he wasn’t too attached to her, she was always there, and she was modest, always trying her best to show herself.

One day the man fell ill and he was on his deathbed, all of his wives were gathered around him, he said: “Now look, my beautiful wives, I don’t want to die alone, who of you will come to me?”

He called his fourth wife and said “You are the dearest to my heart, I have always loved you, and will you come with me? The wife said “No” and turned back and went away. His heart was broken into pieces.

Sadly he called his third wife to the front and said: “I am going to die, will you come with me?” to that she said, “No way, the moment you die, I am going with somebody else” she turned her back and went away.

He called his 2nd wife and asked her the same question, she said “I am sorry that you are dying, but I can only come up to your cemetery, I will be with you until there” and turned back to stand in her place.

From behind he heard a voice “I will come with you”, he looked at his first wife and felt sad, he said “My dear I have always neglected you, you look so skinny, now my life has come to an end, I wish I knew you loved me more than anybody when I was healthy. I feel very sad I neglected you all this time” and died.

In the story, the 4th wife represents the body and its craving, which we lose when we die. The 3rd wife represents wealth, which others get after one leaves the body. The 2nd wife, all the friends and family who can only come up to the grave. The 1st wife represents the soul (or mind), it is always there but unnoticed, the most dearly and important one is ignored and one often realizes it only at the end of life.

Explanation:  Just like the wives of the man, our body, wealth, family and friends will not be there with us when we die. We cannot take them along with us, what remains along with us is our soul. In our quest to live a full life, we look for temporary pleasures outside instead we should try to spend at least some time reflecting on our inner mind which is the soul that will be forever with us.

Let us use this COVID-19 isolation period to reflect on what really matters in the long run. 

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