eCommerce Services

Image Collection and Editing

What is described right must also visibly look right. Altius ensures recapturing and processing
of relevant images for every item on your product/service page.

We showcase your products in creative ways that evoke emotion and promote brand awareness, letting consumers see, feel, and try products and inspiring them to make a purchase.


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

Business Issues

  • Many product pages will have issues with images ranging from not being the right images to improper resolution and color image
  • Some Images do not convey what the product can do or stimulate to user to buy the product immediately
  • Difficulties may arise when buyers do not find an corresponding to a product
  • In absence of Product image, buyers lose interest to buy as they do not get to know the visual appearance of the product.

Altius Methodology

  • Altius identifies the pages which lacks an image or a good quality image
  • Right image is captured from the manufacturer
  • Performs a variety of image processing services that include cropping, resizing, enhancing and changing backgrounds to name a few on both 2D and 3D images
  • Altius has been delivering very efficient and reliable innovative image editing services to clients of various domains
  • We have performed Image Collection, Image Capturing and Editing Services for many B2B industries like Electrical, Electronics, Clothing, Jewelry, Safety & Security Industries and many more
  • Altius professionals redesign the colored and watermarked background to white image background that makes images usable.

Benefits of Digital Assets Enhancement

  • Products is visually appealing to the visitor as they see high quality images with multiple sizes and shapes
  • Induces the visitor to make a purchase
  • Multiple images with different angles gives a full view of the product to the buyer
  • Image Collection and Editing services make the large quantity of images to crop and resize easily
  • Enhanced product images with higher resolution attracts more visitors to the site.