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Product Data Standardization

Altius ensures the right data in the right format in the right fields across all your product/service
pages following universal standards like ETIM, UNSPSC etc.

Product Data Standardization is all about showing the data about the product in the right way because the visitors form opinions about the products in the absence of a touch and feel in your e-commerce portal standardization of products in multiple units of measurement, values and ensuring that this data can be utilized even by the entire organization that uses multiple systems for fulfillment as well.


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

Business Challenges without Product Data Standardization

  • The easiest way to achieve Product Data Standardization is when uploading but not easy because of products from multiple manufacturers from multiple countries in multiple units of measurement and values.
  • Issues in terms of customers having to do the conversion from and lose interest and go in search of another site to do the purchase.
  • The retailer may not plan properly about their data which can lead to loss of sales.

Product Data Standardization Services at Altius

  • Altius has an in-house developed tool called Data Analyzer that will do the conversion of these units from one unit to another.
  • Altius will maintain the master database of all the units for the same product by Product Data Standardization team.
  • Data Analyzer also does the conversion of Unit of Measurement (UOM) from multiple units into one unit to be shown to all customers as per the retailers’ requirements.
  • ATS, Product Data Standardization services team will identify the issue and helps in compliance of product data.

Benefits of Product Data Standardization

  • Sets of standards as applicable to each product in terms of numbers and values will be available to the visitors.
  • Metrics such as meters, inches, voltage, volume to name a few will be standardized based on the country IP address of the customer logging in.
  • Visitors will have no confusion in selecting the product as it will be in a UOM that is familiar to them and will increase the sale.
  • The unnecessary data can be discharged and ensuring the efficiency.
  • Product Data Standardization makes perfect statistical analysis by minimum modification.