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Product Data Enhancement

Altius performs Gap Analysis to find inconsistencies in data across each product category and
plug it with the latest, accurate and relevant information.

Product Data Enhancement is all about providing the right information about the product. Visitors come to the retailers’ websites to find the information they want and make the purchase. However, a majority of the visitors do not make purchases and leave the website because they do not find the relevant information that makes them take the decision and to press the buy button.


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

Business Issues in the Absence of Product Data Enhancement

  • Many products may not be having the required attributes that describe itself.
  • Multiple reasons that include inadequate data coming in from multiple manufacturers.
  • Retailers ignoring a few attributes when uploading the products, inappropriate categorizing to name a few.
  • Retailers spend a lot of time, effort and money on marketing. But, still unable to convert the visitors into customers.

Altius Methodology to Overcome with Product Data Enhancement

  • Altius can work with your team in Improving the data describing the product by maximizing the attributes in the product with sub-optimal data.
  • Altius performs data market research services that include audit, gap analysis and work on the product description to make it compliant with the industry standards.
  • From the enriched product page, Altius will extract the details to enhance the page.
  • Altius will provide the product descriptions, right schema about the product, right product images, title tags to name a few.
  • Altius Data Mining service will come up with time tested best practices followed by multiple industries and will consult with the client on how they should provide additional and adequate data to increase the revenue.

Benefits of Product Data Enhancement

  • Because of Product Data Enhancement visitors will be able to find the complete data and not bounce or go to a competitor because of the insufficient product description.
  • Products will be found on many more search phrases than before.
  • The retailer may lose the business because of non-findability of the products by the visitors.
  • The potential product page through data processing gives complete required information about the products.
  • Every Product Data Enhancement will make the viewer convert into a buyer.