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Product Data Classification

Data classification can be complex, time-consuming and often tricky as it varies across product
categories. Our dedicated B2B/B2C experts ensure total compliance.

Product Data Classification is all about grouping the products based on the hierarchical strategy of the retailer. This is to help the visitors find a variety of products once they do a hierarchical based search. Products kept in a wrong classification may still be found in a brick and mortar retailer giving it a scope to be taken back into the right aisle within the retail outlet. This gets to be impossible in an e-retail outlet because the products – if grouped wrong, will never be found in the right search. The products will also not get sold if found in the wrong search.


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Inadequacy of Product Data Classification

  • Customer leaving because of the wrong information leading to loss of faith with the retailer.
  • Incorrect Product Data Classification may be applied which will be a loss either to the retailer or to the visitor.
  • Leads to an inventory that ages but the retailer will never know why this was not sold and increases the inventory carrying cost.

Altius Product Data Classification Services

  • Altius team will perform a complete analysis of the existing Product Data Categorization.
  • Will Idea with the retailer on how they can classify the products such as a few listed below.
  • Standard Classification/Codification – UNSPSC codification, E-Class, ECCMA standards to name a few.
  • Customized Classification – Based on industry or retailer standards.
  • Multiple Data Categorization – Same product classified in multiple categories.
  • Altius specialized team classifies the product based on the category hierarchy to which it belongs.
  • Categorize the product based on the brand, the nature of the item and the manufacturer.

Advantages of Product Data Classification

  • This will ensure that neither the retailer nor the customer loses on incorrect classification taxation.
  • Product Data Categorization will ensure that the visitors find the product in the right search phrases and will gravitate towards purchase thereby increasing the top line of the retailer.
  • A successful information grouping process is critical on the grounds that it can enable organizations to decide the appropriate levels of control to keep up the confidentiality and integrity of their information.
  • Product Data Classification is the way toward sorting out information into classes for its best and proficient utilize.
  • A well-arranged data grouping system makes fundamental information simple to discover and recover.
  • Can be of specific significance for the administration, legitimate disclosure, and consistency.
  • Product Data Categorization is the process of organizing and arranging data into various types, forms or some other specific class.
  • Data arrange engages the division and the classification of data per the data set needs for various business or individual objectives. It is mainly a data organization process.