SEM is as important as SEO because it is impossible to come on top of the search results for all the keywords. So, e-commerce stores need to buy a good set of keywords to be able to get themselves in front of the audience who searches using the same keywords.

SEM is, yes, expensive compared to SEO but gives good results quickly. This is because SEO strategy takes a few months to stabilize but SEM can give quick results.

Search Marketing involves a combination of Display Marketing, Search Marketing and, Re-Marketing that caters to multiple visitors who are at their right stages of the buying cycle. The idea is to generate good creatives to capture multiple visitors and get them to visit the website and capture their contact information to remarket to them directly.

Altius comes up with strategies that range from coming up with identifying the right buyer persona, designing good creatives, deciding which websites to place the ad, deciding on the frequency to advertise to the visitors to name a few.

We will ensure that the right types of visitors come to the websites through the SEM model so that the e-commerce stores can engage with the right sets of buyers and can convert the visitors to customers.