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Rich Product content is central to a connected customer experience that leads to better
customer engagement and increased sales. Choose Altius to implement it for you.

Product Data Management services enable faster shopping by providing meaningful information for customers while shopping at your e-store. We classify your product data; develop its taxonomy while enriching it with periodic cleansings and normalizations.
Making your products catch the attention of the customer leading to an increase your e-store revenue is our goal.

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Product Data Management

Making it easier for customers to search and find the right products. The products are grouped and classified in multiple categories that enable browsing with ease gravitating towards successful purchases.

Increase in profit due to de-duplication that brings out the uniqueness of the product. The data is analyzed and inconsistencies are removed ensuring better response rates and decrease in return on orders.

Escalation in number of visitors to the website due to customer friendly content. Complete information about all the categories of the products are provided making users sure of the purchase.

Visitors will be able to find a complete data, ultimately converting a visitor to a buyer. Altius performs data market research that makes product descriptions and features compliant with industry standards.

We create, upload and manage product data feeds for multiple client environments such as Magneto, InRiver, Stibo, Akeneo, Riversand, OsCommerce, Woo by our experts who in-depth knowledge in product data.

Consistent and attractive view of products that readily grabs the customer’s attention across all channels. The products description and other details get consistently displayed reducing data duplication which enhances brand value.

Standards as applicable to each product metrics such as meters, inches, voltage, volume to name a few is standardized based on the country IP address of the customer logging which results in product clarity increasing sales.

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