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Catalog Updation

Take full control and keep your product data organized, standardized, and updated across the
sales channel with our Catalog Updatation service.

We help in keeping your product information updated so that right information reaches the customers at every point in time. The entirety of the information helps customers to make a quick buying decision and hence catalog Updation is one of crucial steps to maintain your e-store.


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

Issues Faced without Catalog Updation

  • Catalog updation plays a very important role during new product promotions and product technology enhancements. If the same has not been updated in a manufacturer catalog, then for sure the product is not going to reach its sale.
  • In the event of sales promotions, new models and the future models need to be updated very importantly in the catalog to some specific products at the season.
  • Not having the up to date information does not help the customer move towards the buying stage and will leave the website to go to another one to buy.

Altius Methodology in Catalog Updation

  • Altius has developed a process that eliminates manual updation for stocks. We will be able to create promotional bulk offers.
  • We can change the discount for specific products or tax benefits at any time for any promotion.
  • At Altius Technology Solution, product descriptions and images could be added or modified to the existing items in the catalog.
  • Product listings by classifying them under the appropriate categories that enable easy access to the buyers.

Benefits of Catalog Updation

  • Saves a lot of time, efforts and money in creating offers.
  • Users will be able to sort out the products easily by filter options.
  • Company can easily identify the out of stock products easily.
  • New or seasonal products are added including the SKUs and part numbers.
  • Pricing and stock information for particular or fast moving products updated in the product catalog.
  • Modifying the existing product information according to the market is one of the features in Product Catalog Updating services.
  • Updating the promotions and features related to the product.