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Product Data Cleansing

Erroneous and incomplete data adds NO value to your products/services page. Minimize the
confusion and Maximize conversions with Data Cleansing services from Altius.

Product Data Cleansing is all about making your data precise, accurate, and faultless that keeps consumers highly engaged resulting in sales. We make your data consistent and clear, engaging accuracy so that consumers can make quick searches and accurate decisions on their purchase.


Propel your e-Shop into one of the largest eCommerce chains in the world with Altius Solutions.

Business Issues without Product Data Cleansing

  • Absence of right Product data describing the attributes of the product.
  • Limited data not describing the entire attributes of the product.
  • Inconsistent data not describing the right attributes of the product.
  • Retailers naming the product in their own way.

Why Altius Expertise in Product Data Cleansing?

  • Altius Product Data Cleansing team will analyze the data and de-dupe the item description to bring out the uniqueness of the products.
  • Use the manufacturer name and model number as two variables and compare all other technical attribute values.
  • Data Abstraction improves quality by eliminating duplicates and inconsistencies.
  • Identify data elements through Data Scrubbing.
  • Data Migration from the existing structure to the new master data structure.

Benefits of Product Data Cleansing

  • Demonstrable increase in profit because of de-duplication the item description.
  • Retailers can order optimally and ensure optimum churn of the products in their websites.
  • Quick moving product data supply to buyers.
  • Accurate product discovery by customers.
  • Provide recommendations and Enable up-selling and cross-selling of related products.
  • Improving exactness, limiting purchasing mistakes and bringing down the returns on orders.
  • Identifying and evaluating by removing the off base records from a record set, table or database. Keeping up the quality product information is essential for long-term engagements with the clients.
  • De-Duplication of data or removing the inappropriate information to make the customers clear.
  • Right Products Data Scrubbing converts into better response rates and an increase in revenue.
  • Can connect with your customers quickly at the time of product promotions.