Quicker your website pages load, the longer your visitors stay on the website. Integrate Unifi-i to your eCommerce to get a sub-second website.

How sub-second websites will help e-commerce companies to sell more?

Speed means business today. It becomes even more imperative in 2020 for revenue-generating websites like eCommerce stores to acquire the right technology and tools to improve the latency and load time, which we call having ‘sub-second websites’.
Switching to a sub-second website is even more crucial for the average eCommerce website that relies on paid search traffic to attract new and return business. The site speed not only impacts SEO searches but have a profound effect on conversion rates as well. In fact, a study has found an average lift of 15-30% in conversion rates by having a sub-second website for your eCommerce. The truth is, most visitors are extremely unforgiving when it comes to websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. We also found that 79% of consumers would never want to return to make another purchase if the poor web performance continues. A recent State of the Online Retail Performance Report by Akamai states the benefits of having a sub-second website for your eCommerce. The report noted that the quicker your website pages load, the longer your site visitors will stay on your website (and thus the lower your site’s bounce rate will be). Let us examine some of the most important reasons why your eCommerce site speed is so crucial to your success as a website owner.

Search Rankings

  • Businesses run on organic search results. Being the widely used search engine Google’s ranking top in its search algorithm becomes the sole goal.
  • Google takes into consideration of website speed and ranks it accordingly. This means that slow website speed has the potential to negatively influence your SEO. More specifically, this may lead to less organic traffic frequenting your website.
  • Clients who have opted for sub-second websites in the past have experienced a 20% jump in organic search traffic after optimizing its website for page speed. A mere improvement in two positions on Google search rankings resulted in 14% increase in pageviews and thereby a jump in overall sales.
  • However, website speed is not the only important criterion for ranking but addressing the issue is proven to improve your business.

Success of your eCommerce

  • There is compelling evidence showing you the negative impact of slow page speeds on the success of your eCommerce. Even a 2-second delay in site speed can harm your overall revenue, click-through rates, and the number of queries.
  • Customers love fast page loading and response time for which having a sub-second website is the only key. From our past experiences, we can say that after integrating the sub-second website and cutting their homepage load time in half, an eCommerce site is sure to experience an increase in conversion rates, an increase in average ticket size, and a whopping increase in overall sales.
  • Let us also consider sub-second website implementation by popular eCommerce like Edmunds that shaved 7 seconds off their overall site load times and saw an impressive 17% increase in pageviews, as well as a 3% jump in ad revenue. In an attempt to improve user experience by speeding up their website loading times, Walmart was happy to announce that for every 1-second improvement in page loading speed, they saw a 2% increase in conversions.
  • Even, Mozilla enjoyed 60 million more Firefox downloads after boosting their site loading times to be 2.2 seconds faster. That’s an impressive 15.4% increase, just for focusing on website speed.
  • Therefore, incorporating the latest tools and techniques to make your eCommerce a sub-second website will reduce bounce rates, boost conversions, and generate more revenue.

Benefits of Product Data Enrichment

  • Enough has been discussed about the importance of sub-second websites and how can it help eCommerce sell more. It is now time to introduce you to the tool that will enable you to experience the benefits of having a sub-second website.
  • UNIFi-I is a sophisticated Single-Page Quick Ordering Web App that gives a better user experience within an eCommerce site. UNIFi-I is a seamless link between ‘decisions making’ to ‘adding to cart/payment’. It provides a – less click, rich user experience. The objective of such an assembly of a single product page is to give complete physical product visibility feel to the user ‘Aisle by the mile’ view and still cover maximum product category and product listing in the available visible web browser space.
  • Book a consultative session on the integration of UNIFi-I to your eCommerce store from our expert team and improve your sales.