Auto Classification

Reduce errors by integrating our Machine Learning algorithm to automate
new products/catalogs classification into their appropriate category.

Why do we need Auto Classification?

With ecommerce growing rapidly, the need of the hour is to automate product recommendations based on machine learning algorithms so that the right products reach the right customers at the right time.
Auto classification creates, analyzes, and reports information quickly by classifying text and images into categories with technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. eCommerce allows for virtually infinite shelf spaces allowing consumers to browse through a large number of products. Companies need automated product classification which reduces the workload and saves time and money. Investing in AI automated Product classification is the future of eCommerce.

How Altius Uses AI for Auto Classification

  • Data pre-processing- Random sampling is used to ensure equitable representation from each category, quick prototype of the model using a sample containing all categories of.
  • Model estimation – Text vectorisation methods are used to convert text to numeric representation along with pre-processing in order to create a term document matrix.
  • Model validation – fine-tuning and finding the optimum values of model parameters.
  • Optimization – The trained model is used to predict the product categories from a file in batch mode.
  •   Tool used – Python, Scikit Learn, Jupyter Notebook.

Advantages of Auto Classification

  • Altius deploys machine learning (ML) approach uses text classification methods to categories each product to a category based on product title/description.
  • Auto classification process saves users time and money by using algorithms to identify specific keyword in context within a document.
  • Providing consistency which can make document retrieval faster in the event of an audit or regulatory compliance review.

  • Customers  are delighted with  free-text searches faster and better user experience by highlighting top categories upfront and suggesting  smart buying option.
  • Cost Effective due to reduction in manual work for product classification.
  • Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to solve some of the most complex issues.