Product content is one of the important attributes in increasing the traction in your e-commerce store and increasing the revenue. Providing adequate data about the product is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. Adequate product content will help the visitors stay engaged with the store and will increase the visitors' intention to purchase the product.

Customers say that they made a purchase from a website not necessarily because of price alone but because they had a good experience. Every web store should strive to give a WOW experience to the customer. This can be done when the product content is complete. The customer will then know what they are buying within the shortest possible time and will help them make a decision.

A picture is
1000 words

High-quality images describing the product induces the purchase intent with the customers.

Videos tell stories
while text tell

We have to make our customers visualize how the product will look like.

The base form of product content will be text

We have to keep the text pretty sharp and contextual to the customers' needs.

Care should be taken to manifest the product data in multiple formats to give a good perspective to the customer on the same product inducing them to buy more.