Webinar for eCommerce Stores

How to bring bounce rate under control in an eCommerce store ?

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Webinar for eCommerce Stores:

You may have a pretty website, an established name, reasonable search traffic, lead-generating ads yet experiencing a higher bounce rate on your eCommerce store? 


In other words, genuine visitors looking for products/services in your niche area are simply bouncing off the website without even giving you a chance to convert them as your customer? 


In this webinar, we will cover all the necessary steps that each and every owner of the eCommerce website must take to reduce the bounce rate. 

Attend this webinar for key insights into:

  • Understanding the bounce rate concept 
  • Techniques to reduce the bounce rate  
  • Things to do to convert the website visitors to your customer


Ishwarya Sevugan

Ishwarya Sevugan has a long & successful history with Altius. She played an integral part in the growth of Altius, right from a content management firm to what it is today a technology division that incorporates eCommerce platforms, App development, PIM implementation & much more. Her strong networking skills & hands-on experience with every department makes her a real performer.

Ishwarya is a team player, a star leader, acclaimed Go-to-Person for any challenge across the value chain in the distribution business. Surely, there is no better alternative than her to enlighten us with the best practices from across the industry. 

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