Webinar for Distributors and B2B eCommerce Sellers

Increase the value of your distribution business in the post-pandemic era with eCommerce

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Webinar for Distributors & B2B online sellers:

Signifyd data indicated eCommerce is on the tipping point as online sales have doubled since March 11th, the day where the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. 
This session covers a great deal of knowledge acquired from hundreds of distributors from around the globe, who have successfully grown even during the period of the pandemic.
Most importantly, the distributors who had an eCommerce channel have taken a lighter hit compared to the ones who didn’t have. Secondly, they also say that it is not just having a website but much more than that is required to actually stay ahead of the competition.
Ishwarya has talked to hundreds of these successful distributors and have carefully curated the success mantra for you.

Attend this webinar for key insights into:

  • Simple yet effective strategies to succeed in eCommerce
  • Cost-effective Marketing methods
  • Role of Content for succeeding in eCommerce


Ishwarya Sevugan

Ishwarya Sevugan has a long & successful history with Altius. She played an integral part in the growth of Altius, right from a content management firm to what it is today a technology division that incorporates eCommerce platforms, App development, PIM implementation & much more. Her strong networking skills & hands-on experience with every department makes her a real performer.

Ishwarya is a team player, a star leader, acclaimed Go-to-Person for any challenge across the value chain in the distribution business. Surely, there is no better alternative than her to kick-start our discussion on the current challenges faced by the distributors & its way forward.

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