Akeneo PIM Summit since Its Inception

Within the next few weeks, Akeneo PIM Summit will be held for the third time in Paris. Like always, the year 2020 will also gather all the PIM implementation partners, marketing teams, IT product managers, and eCommerce teams, and discuss the various trends in Product Information Management (PIM) industry.

In the year 2018, on January 17 & 18Akeneo conducted its first annual summit. This was the first time when customers, partners, and experts from the industry came together to network, discuss, and of course, party.

Visitors from more than 17 countries were part of the 2-day summit. It had a highly engaging and informative agenda for the visitors, which made it a grand success. Likewise, the summit held on 6 & 7 February, 2019 was also successful and was dedicated to Akeneo’s customers and partners.

Every year, during the summit, Akeneo also makes new product announcements, and at the end of the 2-day summit, Akeneo awards some of their customers and partners prizes for the best B2B and B2C Akeneo projects.

This is to encourage innovation and promote better business ideas and opportunities. They also give away the Rookie award and the Audience award.

Over the years, Akeneo has had a simple aim of offering a platform to their customers and industry experts wherein everyone can learn about Akeneo’s vision for PIM, the role of PIM in product experience management, and discover the latest trends in the PIM industry.

Altius Technologies is excited to be a part of the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020. We have been one of the PIM implementation partners of Akeneo and are eager to network and exchange our knowledge with customers and industry experts.

Altius Technologies offer customizable B2B and B2C eCommerce consultancy services. Akeneo PIM Summit 2020 is a unique opportunity for our customers to meet us and discuss their eCommerce requirements.

With so many offerings and a platform to learn and engage, Akeneo PIM Summit is an event to look forward too.

No matter if you are a CMO or the head of eCommerce, register yourself for the summit now and let’s meet up to discuss more on eCommerce marketing strategies and PIM trends.

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