Convert your supplier data into selling data

Supplier data comes in from multiple sources. Some may be adequate while some may not be. I would like to share my thoughts on how you can convert them into a data that sells for you.

The base data that comes in from your suppliers are those that your team uploads as part of providing information about your product.

Visualize this!!!

You upload your product data on a constant basis and your team is busy with loads of data to upload on a weekly basis. You have done an one time upload of the product data for a specific SKU and you are doing so many of those after that.

The previous upload of the data is ignored. You don’t know what facets of the data work and what does not. You often think about why those old products do not sell well.

It goes without saying that you are dependant on the product data from our suppliers since you only sell but do not manufacture.

However, there is a variety of data that comes in from multiple manufacturers and suppliers and hence the data will be a big garage.

You need to organize the data, standardize in a format which is easily digestible by the visitors.

The data should be simplified and prioritized based on the technicality of the product. The best use of the data can be felt not only by importing the data as given to you but also in deciphering the content.

Unfortunately, the data that comes in may not be in a direct upload format but would be in the forms of MRO, Electrical and Mechanical data. The data upload team needs to be supported by a functional team to help them decipher the data to upload the right kind of data.

A good knowledge in all of these data will help in the data getting high on technical ranking.

I have seen many instances where the retailers perceive the data that comes from multiple suppliers to be perfect.

However, the word docs or the pdf docs that comes from suppliers will be unique for each category and for the company themselves. It is a lot of work when the team wants to consolidate all these data in the backend.

Remember this, you have to make the product data content easy for the customer and not for the data uploading team.

This is how you can make your data sell for you.

How can you make it happen?

Use a combination of standardization and data enrichment process. Do it in multiple styles.

With a limited budget, you can map out the supplier data, migrate the standard supplier data into one standard acceptable format.

There are cases where you may feel that your data is still not unique in-spite of standardization.

You can add 3 or 4 additional attributes and can do the gap fill. You can add more specifications from the datasheet.

You can also benchmark a few named competitors and provide all the product categories if you want your product page to be the best among all distributors, you name your benchmarking competitors and give the product categories.

How can Altius help?

We can deploy full force to study multiple research on the category and the product. Our experienced team will understand the customer behavior for those product categories, collect the necessary fields or specifications. We will then coin or rank the list of attributes based on the customer buying or filtering behavior.

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