How Product Information Management is Changing the Face of eCommerce?

Customers are highly demanding these days, and to satisfy their demands, one must be innovative and updated with the latest market trends. Customers want to save their time and efforts and prefer online mode to choose their required services. Hence, every business must rapidly adapt to eCommerce and online technology. One great combination of eCommerce and Technology is Product Information Management (PIM). Before the advent of this technology, the product management team would spend days together to gather and showcase all necessary attributes of their products. This would take days before the product brochure would be made available for the customers. This was a manual and time-consuming process. Thanks to the advancement in technology, businesses have been introduced to the Product Information Management Tool. This tool can effectively manage the entire information of products meant for purchase or sale through the various distribution channels. The PIM tool can gather all the attributes of the products and showcase them systematically in a single catalog. Since all the product information is available to the customers on a single window, the overall shopping experience becomes simpler and faster, saving customers’ time and efforts. It becomes easier for the customers to locate their desired product due to the presence of accurate product descriptions online. The modern e-shoppers tend to visit a variety of e-stores before deciding which product to purchase. PIM tool makes it easier for the store owners to collate and update all the information of their wide variety of products. A PIM tool can store the following information and more:
  • Product data like name, title, description
  • Product attributes like cost, SKU, and pricing
  • Other product specifications like dimensions, packaging, warranty, and more
  • Information in multiple languages
  • Information of multiple stores
  • Specific store information
  • Product images and videos
  • Omnichannel product information
  • Supplier information
In addition, PIM tool plays a significant role in enhancing brand visibility and SEO results. Since the product information is accurate, the page starts to rank higher on the search engines. Meanwhile as the tool manages high data quality, the efforts needed to update or alter the product information is minimized, resulting in increased productivity of the product management team. Altius Technologies offers customized eCommerce solutions to its customers with the help of a wide array of services like Product Data Management ServicesDigital Marketing ServicesSoftware Services and more. Our PIM products have been successfully implemented and have shown great results for several clients across a variety of industries like, inRiver, Akeneo, Salsify, Stibo, and more. Our consultants analyze your data patterns and assist you in unifying all the data across the eCommerce stores. This is done with utmost precision and accuracy. Experts from Altius Technologies will be participating in the upcoming event held by inRiver – the PIMpoint Summit 2020. We will be showcasing our offerings, and networking with young entrepreneurs and industry experts. This is your chance to connect with our experts and other industry leaders, discuss your business needs and the PIM tool implementation strategy.
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