How to make your product findable?

You are selling 10s of 100s of products on your website. You have provided as much of information about the product as possible. You are spending a lot of money on Marketing and getting visitors coming to your website.

However, you don’t see sales improving and you also find out that the bounce rates on your website are very high.

What could be the reason?

Product Findability

You might have begun working on providing the adequate product data about your products in the recent past. However, there would be a lot of legacy data that will be in your database. This will mean that the products will never get found for the right searches your visitors will be doing. What can be the solution for this? Migration…

Migration is a process of cleansing the existing product data and make it searchable. The right information about the product is important because every product needs to be available for search. It goes without saying that Search is configurable to the keywords.

So you will have to provide the right data about the product. If you will do so, you will know what keywords have been used and still why sale has not happened. You will then be able to find out the fast moving and the obsolete products and you can take business decisions on what to do with those products.

To achieve this you have to narrow down the search and make the customer choice of products available to them within a few clicks. You will never think of caring about the dead stock or obsolete products if you can achieve this.

Both the new as well as the obsolete products that are on your website need to show up on the store for search. This will happen if you would give enough of the right words and provide additional product information.

If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it

Are you sure all your products are seen by your visitors?

Once you optimize all the products with the right keywords, then every product is ranked the same way. You will be able to run the analytics and find out which products were not showing up in the search. You can take decisions on whether to remove these products from the shelf, do rebate or push it back to the manufacturer.

In the absence of such scientific data, you will otherwise have to do this process manually. Your employees will be doing analysis checking the spreadsheets row by row. They will have to go check with the invoices on the total value of each product and will have to find if the product can be kept or to be removed.

The dependency of other departments to find out if the product has been sold or not is a bit long process and not a scientific one.

Analytics reports by providing the right data to the product help you not only in deciding on the existing products but also in identifying new products that will make you sell for all the search that happens on your website.

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