Improve your online product content for conversion

With B2C marketplaces setting a benchmark for seamless shopping online, B2B e-stores are in the journey of picking up a thing or two from their B2C counterparts. A flawless and highly enjoyable shopping experience leads to final sales and in some cases repeat sales as well.

The focus has always been on the purchase journey. B2B customers now expect a B2C shopping experience. Here are a few tips that could improve your online product content and lead to conversion.

High-quality images

Customers buy what they see. Without a touch and feel experience, customers rely on pictures to make the decision to buy.

High-quality images and videos of the product can help the customer visualize the product.

Sometimes even videos explaining how the product would look when a user uses it can be uploaded to give the customer an unfiltered experience of the product without touching it in real.

Competitive pricing

Pricing is everything in businesses. Online shopping is no exemption. If you are in the business of selling branded products, make sure you sell them at/below the average price to induce sales.

The quality of the product along with your marketing will heavily influence the customer into buying the product.

Well structured webpage

Make sure your e-store has a well-structured home and related pages. Structuring your products in a logical manner but easy to the eye design will keep your visitor hooked to your page.

Also, focussing on easy navigation through the site gives a richer shopping experience.

Detailer product descriptions

Product descriptions are everything in this business. It is important you display the required fields of any given product properly in order to induce sales.

You should know by now, the kind of people who visit your site. Keeping them in mind, make sure you add all fields that would answer their questions regarding the product.

Accept product reviews

When was the last time you did not look for product reviews before buying the said product?

I bet you did.

Reviews play an important role in the decision-making process of your customers.

Make sure you follow up with your past customers for the review regarding the sold product.

Always make “Add to cart” button visible

Sometimes as the visitor browses through the product specs, he may be inclined to buy the product right away.

For this, an “ADD TO CART” button needs to be placed in the right place.

Placing the button at the bottom of the page may not be of any use. The button needs to be placed right after the product specs.

Search Engine Optimized Content

The content you add to your page has to be SEO friendly. You must use words that your visitors would normally use to search the products they need.

Not having an SEO optimized page is as good as not being present at all.

Personalized content

Creating personalized content for your visitors will shorten the path of purchase. Understanding your customers is key to achieve this.

Speaking the language your customers speak highly influences them to make the purchase.

Be it product content within the e-store or even the central messaging of the e-store, when you speak their language and provide solutions for their problems, there are higher chances of conversion.

E-store messaging

What does your e-store stand for? Come up with a unique selling proposition that resonates with your brand.

Trustworthy, approachable, 24/7 service, discounted price, etc., could be a starting point.

You need to position yourself differently in comparison to your competitors. Why else will a visitor buy from you instead of somebody else?

Live chat and 24/7 support

Having a Live chat is like having a salesperson to go to at any given time during the purchase journey for the visitor. With the advent of chatbots, now you can be present to help a visitor in a different time zone.

When you have a B2B e-store, make sure the purchase journey is rich and articulated well. Speaking about your customer language is key.

Make sure you have what it takes to present yourself in a unique way and still be relatable to your customers.

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