Latest Trends of Product Information Management

Latest Trends of Product Information Management

Advancement in technologies is pushing Product Information Management (PIM) to the next level. Business owners are understanding the importance of PIM and with time, the number of PIM implementations is increasing. Here are some of the latest trends dominating the PIM ecosystem

AI-Driven Product Data Management

PIM mainly focuses on data management. Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in managing data, offering product recommendations based on user preferences, providing customer support through chatbots, and more.

Slowly AI will also help write better product descriptions using NLP – Natural Language Processor – to enhance customer experience.

Use of Augmented Reality

PIM is all about enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. The PIM tools make it easy for the customers to search their desired products with the help of accurate product descriptions.

Usage of Augmented Reality will help developers generate web interfaces. Customers can access the web pages through their smartphones and interact with the desired products.

Using Blockchain

Accurate product descriptions are crucial for product sales. PIM tools are using blockchain to authenticate product descriptions. Moreover, any alterations to the product data can be easily managed, making real-time catalog management feasible.

Blockchain approves changes made to the product descriptions and also approves or rejects product images if any. In addition, Blockchain secures your product information. 

Video and Audio Content

Product data in video or audio format tends to appeal to customers. It is capable of offering all the relevant product information in less time.

Moreover, you do not need high budget high-quality videos of your products to reach out to your customers. Simple and visually clear videos will appeal to your customers.

Easy Integration

PIM integration with multiple third-party software programs makes the tool function better. For instance, PIM can be integrated with maps to find out whether the buyers location matches with the areas of seller’s shipment.

Similarly, PIM can be integrated with ERP and CRM.

PIM tools are meant to automate manual efforts, increase employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and showcase accurate product data.

The above-mentioned trends have already taken PIM to the next level.

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