Physical Stores can succeed online using Google Adwords, Here’s how.

Do you own an offline retail store?

Want to have your profitable share of the pie in today’s #eCommerce era?

Google Adwords is consistently seen as one of the best ways to reach your prospective customer, drive local traffic to your physical store, and ultimately increase sales.

Why is Google Adwords the right platform for Brick & Mortar retail stores?

Studies have proven the phenomenon of Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) to be valid in most of the cases.

Although the online store revolution has raised the boundaries of doing business high, the offline store is still preferred by customers for making a reliable purchase.

However, this is not to suggest that online stores are performing poorly but instead to showcase an existing opportunity for Brick & Mortar stores to compete with online stores to attract more local customers.

It can be achieved by improving the stores’ visibility in the online space using a specialized marketing tool such as Google Adwords.

Making the best use of Google Adwords requires specialized knowledge of customer behavior.

We recommend using these FIVE in-built tools and make use of tested strategies to take your Brick & Mortar store online using Google Adwords.

1: Enable Ad Scheduling to target genuine customers

Strike the iron when hot!

It can literally apply everywhere.

With tight budgets on advertising, you should look to optimize your marketing strategy by displaying ads only during store open-hours, peak times of the day or target your intended audience.

Interestingly Google Adwords allows such flexibility.

Ad scheduling helps you to set particular days of the week and time to run your ads. Tools like Bid adjustments allow you to run ads all day, but with an increase in volume for set hours.

Follow the below steps to enable your ad scheduling option:

  • You need an existing ad campaign to begin the Ad scheduling process.
  • Get access to the campaign you want to adjust by signing-in to your Google Adwords my business account
  • Click on the Campaigns tab.
  • Select your campaign.
  • Look for the “Ad Schedule” tab. Click on it.
  • Follow the options on the screen to change parameters accordingly.
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