Product Data Enrichment – Making products more Findable

Are you wondering why the success rate in getting visitors to your website is not that proportionately repeatable in converting them into customers?

The visitors find your product page the visitors are searching for. This is a high impact purchase for their company. They begin evaluating the product for the fitment of their needs.

The visitors are not able to find enough of information about the products they are looking for. They also know that the other 100s of competitors are one click away. They leave your website for others and don’t come back.

The efforts, money and time spent on getting the right customers to your website are going waste. This is because the product does not have adequate information that the visitors are looking for.

The Solution!!!

Data Enrichment – A+ Enhanced Product Content

It is the art of ensuring that the product page is complete. It is fair that you think that my supplier is giving me the data about the product. My IT team uploads only that data and why should I invest more money to organize the data.

I am not telling you that the data from your suppliers are not adequate. I am only asking you to look at the entire process from shoes of the customers perspective instead of looking from your point of view.

The product that you would upload should have a combination of data and images. How many times have you visited a variety of online stores for the sake of a Search for Information and Evaluation of Alternatives and have gone back to a store that has impressed you to make the purchase?

Can you recollect what impressed you the most? Was its ease of navigation of the product page, the product, the images, the information, the product, The UX (filtering mechanism), the ability to reach the product within a few clicks because hit understood your selection process? There could be many more parameters which would have made you make the purchase in a store among all the others.

There could be a possibility that your website may be missing some important parameters of configuring the product information in a better way that you have n’t thought about.

How can this situation be changed?

Let us look at the purchase process from a Buyers perspective. The buyers making a low involvement purchase or a routine purchase where they know what they want to buy may not look too much at the product information.

However, this changes if the buyers are making a high involvement purchase or you have some unique products that could be a potential replacement for the existing products that your buyers are using.

It is important that you provide enough of information about the product so that you influence the buyer in considering your product seriously. It is also proven that the lack of information on the product on your website may make your customers lose faith in your ability to deliver.

Even if buyers buy these products without lack of product information, there is a good chance that your return rates will increase because they would have purchased the wrong product.

So, it is important that you have a variety of parameters about the product data and should enrich your product with these types of data so that you can influence the buyers to buy the right products for them and come back to you because you have made their decision process much simpler.

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